Maintaining Microwave Oven Perfectly

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This article describes how well we can maintain the microwave oven by which it will have a long life without service.


One of the easiest ways to extend the life of a microwave oven is to clean it regularly. Many of us do not know that splashes of food and liquids can absorb energy and cause burns or even damage microwave components. It is usually removed with warm soapy water or a microwave-safe cleaner. For stubborn stains,Guest Posting try heating a glass of water in the microwave for 60 to 90 seconds. Steam should help remove dirt. You can also easily avoid microwave interference by buying a microwave oven lid or simply using materials such as paper or paper towels to hide the utensils during the heating process.


Materials that cannot be used in microwave ovens can cause fire or explosion. For safety reasons, it is necessary to extend the service life of the microwave oven, and only applications suitable for use in the microwave oven should be used. Do not use the following items in the microwave oven aluminium-foil, ceramic, glass and plastic inserts made of silver or gold are generally microwave safe, but there are exceptions. No need to make any assumptions, but look for microwave tags during meals. If the label is missing, a simple test will be performed to determine whether the tray or container can be microwaved. Place the item in the microwave oven near the microwave cup or water container for one minute. The container is very hot and consumes energy. Therefore, the use of microwave ovens is not recommended. Finally, remind you that when you cook rice in the microwave, note that the temperature of the container or utensil is much higher than the temperature of the food. The product is no longer used.


The door is one of the most common parts of a microwave oven. At some point, most people will knock on the microwave door violently, bend it due to lack of hands-free operation, or open the door without first turning off the microwave. All these actions may heavily damage your units. Microwave containment is more complicated than many of us think. Some latches have up to three switch mechanisms, which must be operated in the correct order. Closing the door carelessly will damage these switches. However, opening the door while the microwave oven is in operation may blow a fuse.


Using an empty microwave inside may cause heavy damage. When the microwave is empty, the energy generated by the microwave must be absorbed by its components (such as the glass or magnetron that generates the energy). These components are not designed to solve this problem. ...The nature of the impact and they are usually expensive to repair or replace. If you want to use a microwave oven as a timer, most microwave ovens have a separate timer function that can count down without generating internal energy.


Many people rarely or never use pre-fixed microwave cooking times. However, this time it is to use microwaves as efficiently as possible, minimize energy waste and heat food as efficiently as possible. If you try these pre-set cooking modes, you will find that the food becomes better and many opposite problems that may be caused by microwave damage.




In most cases, you don’t need to worry about the loading capacity of the microwave oven because many foods and utensils are much smaller. However, if you use the microwave for cooking heavy or large frozen food, check the device's load capacity. Usually printed on the microwave oven door; otherwise, the information should be available from the Internet or operating instructions. Objects that are too heavy may mechanically deform the turntable and its motors and central side parts(such as magnetrons). All of this will damage the plate. The food is poorly prepared.


Remember that microwave units use complex electrical systems and store large amounts of energy. After unplugging the microwave oven, the capacitor in the microwave oven may even contain too much charge. This means that you should never try to repair an electric microwave oven. You are trying to fix it without knowledge, Cause more injury or seriously hurt yourself. Instead, please call a professional to see if it is worth repairing or just replacing the equipment. Many companies provide high-quality service with experienced technicians to service a microwave oven, always try to go with professionals like Save Home Services.

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