Pave the Way with Grass Pavers

Feb 12


Marc Willis

Marc Willis

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Article details the uses, advantages, and environmental benefits of grass pavers.

When deciding to start paving on your property,Pave the Way with Grass Pavers Articles one of your most important decisions is what type of materials to use to pave the area. Grass pavers are hollow pavers that are used to do many paving projects.  Through the grid like system that is used in these grass pavers, grass grows through the holes. This is aesthetically appealing. The natural flow of your lawn continues, even where you park your car!What Are The Many Uses Of Parking Grass Pavers?Pavers have many uses. They are not limited to only one function. These grassy pavers help to maintain an eco friendly look while being extremely useful. Below we will explore the multiple uses.-    Parking Lots. These include: malls, churches, commercial stores, fair grounds, etc.-    Golf Cart Track Paths-    Emergency Lanes-    Fire Lanes-    Walkways-    Driveways in Residential Areas-    Paths-    Barn Flooring-    Horse Riding Arenas What Are the Advantages of Concrete Grass Paver(s)?• Easy Installation. The consumer can easily assemble and install these pavers. The turf pavers use a grid system, which requires no tools.  They are easy to cut, so if you have a difficult shape or a corner section, you can cut them to fit. • They are Friendly to the Environment.  Everyone is striving to go green. Using these pavers will get you a head start in keeping things economically friendly. Turf pavers allow storm water to be drained into the underground soil. So, instead of the water going straight into waterways, it is recycled and goes back into the ground. The grid system is also recycled. Most of the companies use 100% recycled plastics to create the grids.• Minimal Maintenance. Some projects are cheap to install, but the maintenance sucks you dry financially. This is not the case with these pavers.  The maintenance is very minimal- you simply water and mow it like you do the rest of your lawn! When you are clearing snow, be sure to lift the blades of the plow so you clear the surface of the grass. You don’t want to damage the system and have to spend money repairing it. Your main maintenance chore is to clean the drainage system. You want to make sure that there is no debris blocking drain openings. If there is, remove it so the water flow is not reduced. • Prevention of Ruts. In many instances, erosion takes a toll on concrete walkways or parking spaces. With these pavers, you don’t have to worry about such. There is no erosion, in fact, these pavers help to prevent erosion.  • Storm Water Management. When it storms, water can become a large problem. Water can be absorbed right through these pavers, so worry not!• Cost Competitive. The average price for these grassy pavers is around $2.00 per square foot. This is competitive with asphalt, which will erode away throughout the years! Grass pavers are practical and efficient in almost every parking situation. They are appealing to the eye, and to the environment.