Power Shower- Best Choice In Itself

Oct 23


jennifer obodo

jennifer obodo

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Power Shower- Best Choice In Itself. Read this article to know more.


Now no need to worry about low pressures in your water pipes and your showers deprived of water. The solution to such is Galaxy Power showers. Typically a power shower is installed in low pressure pipeline systems and expanding our innovation in to this we present to you a wide range of our carefully,Power Shower- Best Choice In Itself Articles highly efficient and reliable Galaxy water Showers. To all the customers having an obligation to use a power shower in their washrooms, the range of Galaxy Power showers to use is the wisest decision because of the pumping technology used by Galaxy.

Our range of products

Galaxy G1000LX

Composed of a manual operation of mixer valve and a durable yet powerful pump, the G1000LX encases a unique style powered with high performance.

With G1000LX, you need not worry about varying water flow and fluctuations in electricity as it has an inbuilt operating unit to safeguard the temperature against electricity fluctuations .The result, a rich, relaxing and safe showering experience.

We have a highly dedicated team of designers thereby ensuring a grace within your place and also making sure an efficient flow of showering to the customers.

Galaxy G2000LX

Encompassing all the features of Gl000LX , G2000LX shower is incorporated with an additional thermostatic Temperature control feature .With this , you need not worry about the varying water flow and fluctuations in temperature of incoming water .The output will be a smooth water flow comprising of a uniform water flow under a constant temperature.

How many times do you get irritated with varying temperature while having a shower? Fluctuations within the two extremes of hot and cold water make your showering experience a nightmare, but with our Galaxy G2000LX, you are just supposed to enjoy a constant temperature showering experience.

The GX2000LX operates under a set of flow controls both controlling the extreme ends of water flows and temperature fluctuations. They are operated by special push buttons under bright illuminated display panel enabling the users a convenient and smooth operating experience. It is almost perfect Gravity Fed systems and alternate water supply systems (both hot and cold water supply systems).

Finally, why would you want to use a Shower?

Well, here are the obvious answers:

  • With a Power shower, you would not have to worry about the fluctuations in the water pressure .The output would be a constant guaranteed flow of uninterrupted water supply.
  • You’ll also experience a guaranteed flow of water under a constant temperature and pressure.
  • A galaxy power shower is coupled with a healthy warranty from our side and we take our foremost pride in serving our customers in case of any defaulting situation if they may arise.
  • The galaxy Power Water Heaters are made from the finest raw materials and a highly dedicated team of innovators in technology and motivation .With a guarantee of high durability, style and innovation in technology, a Galaxy Power water heater is your ideal choice if you are seeking a Power Water heater.

So what’s this waiting for. If you are planning to buy a Power Water Heater, Galaxy seems to be the best choice .Hurry up and grab your Galaxy Power water heater today.