Residential Interior Design In Hong Kong: Trends And Styles

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This generation is swamped with workload and stress. Young people in their twenties and thirties have to move out and live in other cities

It is impossible for them to devote time to decorating their homes given the time crunch and stressful circumstances. Also,Guest Posting not all people are as aesthetically inclined as professional designers but they too need their homes to look good. This is when an interior design company is of great help. They know how to utilize limited space in the best possible way and at the same time make the room look a lot better than it actually did when you purchased it.


The little tweaks that product or interior design can do, would probably be unknown to most other people who do not possess that appetite or vision. Apartments nowadays are tiny and the furniture requirements are perpetually on the rise. There are innovative ways of using up free spaces and simultaneously making it look attractive. For instance it is ideal for smaller apartments to have furniture that take little space, are utilitarian and also attractive. If one has a big house, they are spoilt for choice because then there are plenty of options to choose from and there is no need to think of saving space. However in case of slightly smaller apartments that have a drawing or dining cum kitchen area, the space needs to be well used to make it look less cluttered.


The drawing room or lobby area is the most important part of the entire house. It’s that part of your house where you host your parties and seat your guests. Your bedrooms may or may not be fancy but the sitting area needs to be designed by professionals. Here are little things designing companies follow to make your home better.

  • Carpets are a must for most designers as they enhance the look and feel and also the comfort quotient of the living area.
  • Carpets ideally should match the walls and the ceiling, preferably of a light colour, to make the place look bigger.
  • Sofa sets of a single hue with colourful cushions enhance the look of the place.


Designers today cross the oriental and occidental to give contemporary homes a more universal appeal. If you are getting your home designed, it is important that you choose a theme first. If you are looking forward to having a very oriental home in the true spirit of the East, the residential interior design in Hong Kong have the best options up their sleeves. Some have the traditional cherry blossom, pigeon and a lady in a kimono made in the wall. The furniture you choose is equally important as it either enhances or completely ruins the look of the room. For instance, western cultures do not have ottomans or chests in drawing rooms but it is a trend in the east.


The kitchen area is also an important place. It should be designed in a way that it makes working easier. Modular kitchens are in this case very useful. They allow enough space for the person working.

The bedrooms as most people prefer it should be cosy and comfortable. Designers suggest linens and also furniture that is available in most interior design studios. You can pick the piece you like or trust their aesthetic taste.      


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