Ultimate Decor Guide for a Wonderful Christmas Party

Nov 14


Nancy Whitman

Nancy Whitman

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Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it’s the time have a chill, happy and a colourful Christmas party. And if you are planning one to celebrate Christmas and wants a complete event guide from the practical decoration of the venue to Christmas tree, gifts, budget etc. then here’s space for you.

First things first, for planning any party not just Christmas there are various aspects that you have to keep in mind before you jump into execution part of it. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Expenditure limitations
  • Type of setting
  • Overall size and Architectural features of the chosen setting
  • Guestlist
  • Theme of the occasion

Christmas Tree Decoration

It would help if you aim for an elegant Christmas tree decorations which come on a budget,Ultimate Decor Guide for a Wonderful Christmas Party Articles but you have to be resourceful and creative with your approach for the same.

You can try the tips below to achieve the same:

1) Identify a Setting or Color Pattern

Firstly plan the shape and style you wish for your tree. You can go for ‘two-three colour patterns for your tree with colours such as green, blue, silver or gold and highlight them via various ornaments.

Another idea is to make ‘sentimental tree’ if the party is planned amongst family members or small group of close people. Other common types of the tree include beach holiday theme, winter-themed or love romantic theme. These are all interesting Christmas themes.

2) Choose the Correct Kind of Christmas Tree

It totally depends upon your willingness to devote time on its maintenance and space according to your setup. Select the best Christmas tree matching your party theme and house space.

3) Fairy Lights or Festoon Lights Throughout Each Branch

To create an aesthetic look, try stringing warm white or multicolour lights along every individual branch, starting from the trunk out to the tip and back in. You will need an estimate of 100 mini lights per foot of your tree size.

4) Consider clarity and Feature areas

It will help if you place the tree with the angle from where your decoration can gain the attention of your guests, and it brings a festive vibe to your house.

5) Beautify the surroundings of Your Christmas Tree

Decorating only the tree is not enough, but the whole viewpoint of where it is placed is essential. So, the top and the bottom of the trees should be equally well decorated.

How to make your Christmas party budget friendly

1) Purchase Items In Bulk

If you plan on using and hence buying 100’s of ornaments then, better buy them all together on wholesale rates than to buy them individually or in smaller sets each time on retail prices.

2) Utilise Sentimental Items

Try to look into your space for various things you can use for your tree. Any traditional ornaments or some pictures, especially for a family party can come in handy.

3) Decorate with Non-Conventional Items

It is not compulsory to decorate everything with classically-themed Christmas items. You can use any decorative pieces sitting in your house or which you have used for your previous party; only creativity is required.

Innovative Christmas Tree Ideas

1) Sentimental Christmas Tree

You can make it very personal by decorating photos in frames and hang them on the tree. These photographs can be of your family, friends or other closed ones.

2) Sparkling Metal Theme

This theme is appropriate for adding a boost to your party. The metallic theme includes decoration on the lines of gold or silver or both.

3) Single-Coloured Christmas Tree

Tree decoration with one single colour will give a subtle approach to the whole décor.

4) Gifts Christmas Tree

We have always seen gifts lying under the tree but hanging them on the tree instead will give it a quirky approach.

But what’s most important is LOVE, as much you will put it will turn out to be even more beautiful.

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