Why You Should Install a Central Vacuum Systems

Jan 28


Bob Evens

Bob Evens

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Central vacuums are now being installed in many new hose and existing homes. See why you should install central vacuum in your home.

Central vacuums are now installed in many new homes. There are many different central vacuum systems and attachments available for all different types of needs.Some benefits of central vacuum systems are the powerful suction strength, Why You Should Install a Central Vacuum Systems Articles high filtration, and convenience.Central vacuum systems offer 2 -3 times more suction power then your typical vacuum cleaner. With this suction you will be able to get clean deep down into your carpet and clean places which you could never reach.High filtration is also very important because of allergens, dust, dirt, mold, and pollutants in the air when vacuuming. Central vacuum systems offer 100 percent filtration. Which no other vacuum cleaner can offer.Central vacuum systems are made with every convenience possible. Wall outlets are strategically place throughout the home for optimal coverage. All you need to do is insert your hose into the nearest outlet and start to vacuum. Hoses typically cover 30-35 feet, making it very easy to clean faster and reach more  areas with ease. Central vacuum units are commonly placed in the garage or the basement for easy disposal of dirt. Simpliy discard the dirt collected in receptacle at the bottom of the central vacuum unit and place it into a trash can.Some major brands of central vacuums are Electrolux, Hayden, Nutone, Beam, Royal, Honeywell, and Eureka. All of the central vacuum systems come with a mounting bracket and easy installation instructions. Adding a central vacuum system to your home adds valve of your home.Central vacuum accessories come in all different options. You now can choose a set of accessories that fits your cleaning needs. For example the Electrolux CS3000 Quite clean central vacuum accessory kit comes with the ability to clean the whole house. The attachments in most central vacuum  kits clean rugs, tile, hardwoods, upholstery, and much more. You can also get more basic standard attachments that can be used in your garage or basement.When choosing a central vacuum system there are many options available to fit you’re cleaning needs.