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Los Angeles has plenty of entertainment options when it comes to free comedy.  But, where should you go?  Who should you see?  Where can you find the funniest comedy shows in LA?

The LA comedy scene has a huge amount of talented stand up comedians who are constantly looking for new venues and audiences to perform in front of.  While you can find plenty of funny video clips of stand up comedy online,Guest Posting nothing beats attending funny shows in person.

Avoid traditional comedy clubs when looking for free stand up comedy in Los Angeles.  Finding free stand up comedy at the major clubs like the Improv, the Laugh Factory or the Comedy Store isn't easy.  Stand up comedians frequently perform comedy shows in LA at bars, restaurants, theaters, backyards and other unlikely venues.  Casey’s Bar & Grill, Westwood Brewing Company, Independent Theater, Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill and 3 Clubs are all places where you’ll find Los Angeles comedians performing free comedy on a weekly basis.  These locations have free stand up comedy and no drink minimums which add up to an affordable night out.  These non-traditional locations can be better because you'll find intimate environments where the comedians interact with the audience more.

Los Angeles comedians are everywhere and finding the ones that will make you laugh is the key to your free comedy experience.  Kyle Kinane is a well known stand up comedian who is well respected in the LA comedy scene.  Kyle delivers funny shows on a regular basis.  He has opened up for Patton Oswalt across the USA and recently introduced a comedy cd out ‘Death of the party’.  You can find him at one of the many free comedy shows in LA as one of the top names when it comes to Los Angeles comedy.  Johnny Pemberton, another rising celebrity in the LA comedy scene, is definitely someone you check out when he’s not hosting his show MEGADRIVE on MTV.  Johnny is one of the Los Angeles comedians doing free stand up comedy on a regular basis.  It is even possible to find established, successful stand up comedians like David Koechner performing free comedy shows in LA.  David often appears in Will Ferrell films and is best known for his role as Champ Kind in Anchorman.  Part of watching comedy in Los Angeles includes having an opportunity to watch David Koechner perform new characters at one of the many free stand up comedy shows in LA.

Avoid open mics in the LA free comedy scene, unless you know that one of your favorite stand up comedians is performing.  Open mics can be disappointing because of some of the less experienced stand up comedians use them to work on new material.  Tuesday night is a great opportunity to find free stand up comedy at the Westwood Brewing Company where you can find some of the funniest comedians in Los Angeles.  The Independent Theater downtown also has a Tuesday night show with some nationally known stand up comedians who perform free stand up comedy in the unique setting of a movie theater.  While Monday night is usually known for football, in the LA comedy scene it is also the same night where you can see the popular free comedy show ‘Tiger Lilly’ at the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill.  A show that has great free comedy, combined with a personal fun environment is ‘The Comedy Garage’.  Stand up comedians living together as roommates starting hosting a monthly free comedy show in their garage in Burbank.  Half house party, half comedy club, ‘The Comedy Garage’ is a great place to see free stand up comedy and meet some of the best comedians Los Angeles has to offer.

No matter which location you select, there are tons of places where you can see free comedy in LA.  Free comedy have frequent changes to their dates and times, so be sure to confirm with the location that the comedy show is still on for the night before heading that way.

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