Unusual Places To Find Food After The Apocalypse

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For anyone surviving the apocalypse finding food and water is going to be the number one priority. Here are a few unusual places that might be worth a look in the hunt for dinner...

2012 has been awash with potential scenarios that will bring about the catastrophic final demise of our blue and green home world. If by some small chance the earth isn't blown to smithereens or smashed out of orbit and the apocalypse merely wastes significant proportions of the planet life is going to be tough for anyone who remains. Even more so if the apocalypse was of the zombie kind.
Priorities for survivors are going be things such as not becoming so radioactive as to glow in the dark,Guest Posting not being eaten by a walking dead version of your best pal, secure shelter and maybe most important food and water. Here are some suggestions of unusual places that after the apocalypse you'll be able to find sustenance.
Car InteriorsWhen civilisation grinds to a halt so will the highways and byways of the world. Anyone who has seen any post-apocalyptic scenario knows that everyone heads out of the cities only to abandon their vehicles in fender bending grid lock a mile down the road. This metallic field is ripe for harvest. These people will have stocked up and even if they haven't there is likely to be travel snacks in the glove box. A fox's Glacier Mint or Werther's Original might be the difference between life and death. Equally if things are really bad you could drink the water from the window washer tank or radiator, admittedly it's properly going to be full of bad chemicals, but you're going to be desperate.
OfficesAnyone searching for food is going to make a run on supermarkets and other obviously food related establishments. Big office blocks aren't just full of desks and computers, they also have kitchens. It'll be the first time you can help yourself to Paul from accounts lunch without sparking the sending of a companywide passive aggressive email about missing macaroons. Again if things are dire you could also turn all the keyboards and catch what falls out. It's going to be grim, but there is probably some nutrients in the detritus.
The ZooThis is a rich and fertile food source, but it is all about timing. Obviously you need to make sure there are actually animals there still and that their enclosures haven't spontaneously sprung open, an apocalypse phenomenon that hopefully will have passed by your local menagerie. Timing is everything in this situation because you need the animals well enough to be fresh meat, but weak enough so as not to eat you. It's tricky but how good is spit roasted tapir going to taste!?
If you're reading this post end of society on a barely functioning iMac with a cracked screen I wish you all the best. I salute you, go forth and forage you're the only remaining hope for mankind...

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