Best Business Internet Service Providers of 2020

Jan 30


Erica Judes

Erica Judes

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If your company needs more than one solution from your provider - such as phone, fax, cable or web hosting services - then choosing a bundle may be very effective.


Researching commercial internet providers may not be the most exciting part of starting a business,Best Business Internet Service Providers of 2020 Articles it can be very important: Whether you are running a tech startup or a brick-and-mortar store, you have a very reliable reputation for getting an Internet connection.

And for business owners, an unreliable Internet connection is not just boring - it makes the difference between proper productivity and distracted, frustrated employees; Or even a sale and missed opportunity. Most importantly, the best small business internet service should have the proverbial "out of sight, out of mind." If you haven't noticed your internet acting, it's doing its job altogether.

But there are plenty of telecommunication companies out there, offering many Internet services and packages (and, naturally, they claim to be the best). Therefore, we have made this process a little easier for you by selecting five small business internet service providersthat you should consider first.

What you should look in a business internet service provider

Comparing shopping at business internet providers can be challenging (or at least tedious). Here are some guidelines to get you started.

First, start checking whether the query provider is actually available in your area - obviously, this is the easiest way to beat Internet service providers at the top of your search.

Next, consider the number of employees you have, the number of devices that require an Internet connection, and the bandwidth, video conferencing, extra-large downloads, or web browsing you need.

Before you sign a contract, make sure you understand its terms. Additional charges such as early cancellation or installation fees may be hidden. Flexibility is also important in your contract. For example, if you are a fast growing company, check your planning process to make your services free of charge.

It's also worthwhile to look at customer reviews on your provider's customer service. Nowadays, Patch is a little more frustrating than an Internet service - and an unavailable or subpar support system to help you solve it.

In view of those guidelines, you can dig deeper into the following five Internet service providers, which will tailor your research to suit the unique needs of your business.

5 Best Business Internet Service Providers in 2020

The following Internet service providers are not listed in any particular order. Based on a few key factors - including geographical availability, speed of service, customer reviews, pricing and contract flexibility - we found these five companies need to be foreseen.

Verizon Fios business

Verizon to J. Power ranks high in small customer satisfaction for small and midsize businesses that last for six years - one reason Verizon Fios made a list of the best business internet service providers.

Verizon FiOS Business has five Internet plans, with download speeds ranging from 75 mbps to 940 mbps. Prices per month for the first year. From 64.99, per month for the second month. 69.99; 4 214.99 per month for the first year and 4 224.99 per month for the second. However, those prices do not include fees and equipment charges.

All Verizon contract periods are two years, with the initial cancellation fee of 35% of the initial monthly fee for the remaining period.

The Verizon Fios business is only available in some metro areas in the nine states on the east coast. But they also offer many phone and internet bundles, with the added incentive of some Visa prepaid cards up to $ 200.

Pro: Great customer service and loyal connection.

Con: Service is limited to some states on the east coast.

Spectrum Trading

Spectrum Business offers three download speeds: 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 940 Mbps, and the bundle starts at an incredibly affordable $ 44.99 per month. However, the price for other download speeds is not readily available on their website. You need to enter your business address to find out what offers are available in your area and at what prices.


One of the best features of Spectrum Business's Internet services is that they are all contract-free. Instead of standard one- or two-year contracts, Spectrum Business charges customers on a month-to-month basis. So if you are growing quickly and need to upgrade, then you don't have to worry about closing yourself on a multi-year contract and facing early termination fees. In addition, Spectrum services are available in 41 states, including Hawaii.

However, keep in mind that Spectrum Business's customer reviews are less than stellar.

Pro: Cheap and widely available 

Con: Mixed reviews on customer service.

Comcast business

Comcast Business Internet, which serves 39 states nationwide, is out of the pack to deliver the fastest service available with its 1Gig (1,000Mbps) plan. In addition to this "blazing speed" scheme, Comcast Business has four business internet ranges ranging from 25 mbps to 300 mbps. And signing up for their Comcast Business Connection Pro feature means that if your connection goes out, you'll automatically be connected to a 4G LTE wireless backup.

Pricing wise, you must provide your business address to receive a bid. We didn't even get the contract details, but reviewers noted that Comcast had two-year long contracts and their initial cancellation fees were huge. Also keep in mind that their high speed plan may not be available everywhere.

Pro: Super-fast download speed.

Con: Large initial cancellation fee.


Although Frontier offers the slowest internet speeds on this list - just 7 to 40 Mbps - their bundle prices are less likely to be found. And if you're the sole owner, have only a few employees, or don't rely too much on your internet service (if you're running a brick-and-mortar store, for example), Frontier's low speed may actually be right for you.

For less, Frontiers Business Max + Voice Service Bundle gives you 7Mbps internet speed, free installation, free WiFi router, and a two-year contract for just over a month. Provides business phone at 49.98. Their top-end bundle, Business Extreme + Voice, provides you with an add-on similar to Business Max + Voice, but with an internet speed of 30 mbps.

Pro: Reasonable price bundle.

Con: Low internet speed.

AT&T business

AT&T offers some commercial Internet packages at different speeds and prices. Business owners who want as much speed as possible with the most advanced features can choose one of their three dedicated Internet service packages, which provide customers with Internet speeds of up to 400 Mbps.

In fact, you pay for those super-fast speeds. AT & T's exclusive Internet service package prices range from 3 993 to 7 1,770 per month, and deals range from 24 to 36 months. However, keep in mind that availability and price vary depending on where you are.

If you don't want to delete + 1,000 + for your internet, AT&T also offers low-cost options. Check out their AT&T Wireless Internet product; For $ 60 or $ 100 per month, users get 50 or 100 GB of data with a 4G LTE wireless device.

Pro: Super-fast internet speed available.

Con: High speed plans are expensive.


Which Small Business Internet Service Is Right For You?

First of all, a business internet provider that works best for your business is a provider of services in your area - so always start your search by plugging in your business address. Keep in mind that providers' offers and rates also vary depending on your location.

On that note, it may be worthwhile to take a look at regional business internet service providers, along with the five marquee providers we mentioned. They are likely to offer faster internet speeds than large companies, but at better prices.

And if you are cautious about locking yourself into a one-year contract, consider finding a provider that offers a month-to-month contract or does not penalize the initial cancellation fee. This way, you can expand your business as quickly and as quickly as possible - because you need to worry about whether your internet connection will support your growth.