Cafe World Guide - Strategies For Earning Cafe Currency Fast

Mar 8


J Douglas Taylor

J Douglas Taylor

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Learn the difference between Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash and the various ways you can earn both. See some of the strategies that will have you earning currency efficiently and faster than the normal everyday player. Dominate the game with these simple but effective tips.


If you are an addicted player to Cafe World,Cafe World Guide - Strategies For Earning Cafe Currency Fast Articles Facebook's newest and most popular game, you pretty well know Cafe Currency comes in two forms. Cafe Coins is the frequent earner from serving recipes and Cafe Cash which is a bit harder and more expensive to come by. Are you earning Cafe Currency the most efficient way you can? If not, I have some tips and advice that might help you dominate that part of the game, soaring you past your neighbors and friends in no time.

When I first started playing the game, it was a bit confusing trying to differentiate between the two forms of Cafe Currency. But now I am no longer confused about it and actually have learned the secret strategies to efficiently earning currency so fast my experience level shot up the charts in no time. Are you interested in a few hints to help you out in that part of the game?


Cafe coins are the more frequent currency you can earn on a daily basis. It's the everyday currency you can earn as you service recipes, even when you are not logged into the game. As a customer is served their meal, Cafe Coins is what they use to pay for their food. You can also use Cafe Coins to decorate your cafe or even buy supplies and other items such as stoves, tables, etc. The bottom line is, Cafe Coins are the main source of funds you need to progress in the game but the drawback is you needs lots of it, and fast!

The really good thing about the game is Cafe Coins are very easy to earn. As you start the game off, there will be more things you think you want to buy than you have coins to pay for them. So the right strategy is to be conservative and start saving right off from the beginning. Don't waste your coins on meaningless items such as clothes and cafe decorations. Instead use them to buy what you need to get customers seated and fed such as stoves and tables. These are the types of things that will have you earning Cafe Coins super fast. After awhile you should be making more coin money than you know what to do with. And that's a good thing.


Now, Cafe Cash is a whole other ball of wax. It is extremely difficult to get but the great thing is you don't really need much or any of it early in the game. But you will need a lot of it later on in the game and here is why?

Saving your Cafe Cash at the beginning is extremely crucial because as the game progresses, there will be things that you really want that can only be bought with Cafe Cash. So restraint at the beginning of the game is crucial of which will benefit you later on in the game. Just be patient.

Now, each time you move up a level in the game, you will get earn 1 Cafe Cash. Other than that, you can buy Cafe Cash with your own real money. And there are many players that add to their supply of Cafe Cash by clicking the Get Game Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash up at the top of the screen and spending their own money to buy it. But I think that is a little bit insane unless you have a lot of spare money laying around.

Now there is a better way to earn Cafe Cash for free instead of you having to spend your own hard earned money. At the bottom of the screen, there are some surveys you can fill out. This is really a big pain to do but it is free. Any Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash you earn from the surveys is usually put into your currency bank within a day or so.

If you use the right strategies and can be patient at the beginning of the game, you can earn Cafe Coins and Cash in no time. These are just a few tips and strategies for dominating Cafe World.

For more information on how to dominate Cafe World, you should check out my experience with this Cafe World Guide. Learn the proper cooking, serving, and coin earning strategies that only this Cafe World Guide will give you.