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Jan 18


Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe

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With the proper mindset, ... can be a ... ... of whether or not you are ... this time of yearcan be seen as a ... of life, ... and ... has no eq


With the proper mindset,Christmas Sites Articles Christmas can be a wonderful time.
Regardless of whether or not you are Christian, this time of year
can be seen as a celebration of life, togetherness and family
which has no equal anywhere else on the calendar.

The web is a wonderful way for people to communicate with each
other, and Christmas is an excellent excuse to begin talking. Why
not send an email to old forgotten friends wishing them a happy
holiday. Better yet, I'm sure your favorite ecard site has
Christmas themed cards ready to be sent.

There are literally thousands of sites which contain just about
everything Christmas related that you could possibly imagine. A
short list is included here for your pleasure. At the bottom are
references to a few of the really huge lists of Christmas links:
be warned, though, that these will eat up an entire day (at a
minimum) of surfing fun.

Join A Real.... North Pole Expedition

Got a few thousand dollars? Then how about booking a flight to
the North Pole? At first I thought this was a joke, but perhaps
it's real. If anyone goes on a trip via this group, let me know
how it turns out!

North Pole Expedition

Pretty cool site all about recent expeditions to the North

Santa's Workshop

If you want to find out something about Santa and his elves,
then check out this site. They have a "live elf cam" which is
very entertaining, pictures that can be printed and colored
with crayons, recipes, quizzes and tons of other great

North Pole

Now this is cool. It's a gift store but the site is put
together so well that it is extremely entertaining. They have
used Flash to create a wonderful, fun-filled virtual tour
through the North Pole. I had a great time, although I didn't
purchase anything.

Santa's House

Take a virtual tour of Santa's house. Look into Mrs. Claus's
kitchen and see what she's cooking today. Nice graphics - a
short but fun web site.

NORAD Santa Tracking

A yearly tradition for decades. NORAD (North American Air
Defense Command) uses it's early warning detection system to
track the exact location of Santa on Christmas Eve. This is
displayed for all to see on their web site, along with glimpses
of his sleigh from satellites and fighter jets.

Send an Email to Santa

When you were a child, did you ever sent an email to Santa
only to never receive a response? Well, now your children can
send their Christmas lists directly to Santa and get a

Paper Snowflakes

Now here is an interesting idea: printable paper snowflakes.
For $12 a year, you get access to hundreds of patterns, which
are cut apart with scissors. Remember making these as a kid? (I
sure do!) Well, this artist has created some excellent patterns
for your kids to make wonderful paper projects. There is also a
selection of free snowflakes.

Santa Live

See live interviews with Santa, or just play some Christmas
games. An amusing site.

Wrap Art

Have some fun with gift wrapping.

Printable Gift Tags

Are you paying good money for those little tags which you
attach to gifts which have the name of the person to whom the
gift is intended? Why not print your own? These tags are free
and look great!

Printable Gift Tags

More gift tags.

Printable Gift Tags ags.htm

Yet more gift tags. A nice selection.

Kitchen Gift Tags

Gift tags specially designed for food gifts.

Printable Stationary

Want some Christmas stationary (labels, lined paper, etc)?
Here is a great selection which you can print on your own

Not Just For Kids

Many different Christmas activities for children. Looks like a
very fun site.

Yes, Virgina, There is a Santa Claus!

When your children ask if there really is a Santa Claus, print
out this article and read it to them! The question is answered

Santa Lady

Want a "Custom Olde World Santa Doll"? You can get one here!
This lady has put together a wonderful site, featuring a famous
history of Santa.

Santa webring

Interested in Santa figurines and knick-knacks? If so, visit
some of the sites on this webring for some beautiful creations
that you can purchase for gifts or for yourself.

Santa Claus

A site featuring Santa - just about everything you ever wanted
to know.

Santa Claus Spotter

This looks like a site you would not want to miss on Christmas
eve. Check out it's Santa Phone, Santa Spotter and Santa

Santa Radio Station est/santa/eng/eng.html

Listen to Santa, read his notes and send letters directly to

Christmas Clip Art

Need some clip art for your Christmas web site? Check out this
collection! It may have just what you want.

Christmas Carols

Like Christmas songs? Visit this site and you can listen to
many different favorites. Check out the rest of the site for
lots of fun!


Want to learn about christmas? Here is a site with just about
everything you'd ever want, including a gift store.

A Christmas Carol

Do you remember "A Christmas Carol?" Have you want the movies so
many times that you want to run screaming from the room? If not,
then check out this site.

Christmas Carols

Don't remember the words to your favorite Christmas carols?
Here they are, ready for you to print and sign out loud.

Captain Jack's Christmas Trees

Visit the site of a real Christmas tree farm, which includes
lots of information about trees as well.

Santa Letters

Want your child to receive a letter in the mail (not email)
from Santa? For a few bucks this company will get one sent out
right away!

Merry Christmas

More information about Christmas. A great site just for fun.

Yahoo's Christmas Links

Visit here for thousands of links to Christmas sites.

DMOZ Chrismtas links

Another list of Christmas related links; hundreds of them.

SirLinksALot Christmas Links

Lots and lots of links to Christmas related sites.

(This article was inspired by an email from Jamie Swafford of
Heart Of Gold).

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