Conversion Rate Optimization Sends Online Profits Skyrocketing for Two Simple Reasons

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Conversion rate optimization delivers more profits per dollar of investment than PPC, SEO, social media, or even content marketing.  This is because conversion rate experts make long-term changes to boost conversions by up to 100% or more without any increase in marketing spend.

Conversion rate optimization,Guest Posting or CRO, is a relatively new Internet Marketing service. As the name suggests, CRO firms help permanently boost the conversion rate on a website by eliminating the problems that are scaring away visitors. Just a few of the problems that can derail online sales include:

  • Weak Copywriting Especially On Primary Conversion Pages
  • Weak or Confusing CTA’s
  • Ineffective Sales Funnels
  • Websites with Programming Errors that Slow Load Times and Cause Glitches
  • Poor Shopping Cart Configuration or Not Using the Right Plugin
  • Confusing or Distracting Website Navigation
  • Incorrect Keyword Targeting

Now although conversion rate optimization companies are relatively new, many website owners have actually been optimizing their sites for years. In fact, any split testing of price points or adjusting the copy/layout on sales pages or product descriptions is CRO. Unfortunately, most website owners quickly abandon optimizing their websites when they fail to generate tangible results. However, what most fail to realize is that while landing pages, sales pages, and product descriptions typically require optimization:

These high-value conversion pages are rarely the only problems on the site that are suppressing conversions. After all, if you have an ineffective sales funnel and only 20% of your total website traffic is even seeing your sales page—well, even a big improvement in conversions will only produce a marginal increase in overall conversions. There simply aren’t enough visitors making it to the page for the improvements in the sales page to effectively increase overall sales.

The simple truth is that conversion problems are often scattered throughout the site. To find them quickly and contain costs, conversion rate optimization experts rely on website traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics, Optimizely, or Visual Website Optimizer. But while these tools cannot tell you how to fix the problem, they can certainly eliminate the guesswork and quickly help you find them. Then, the issues are fixed and the new baseline conversion rate is established statistically over a sufficient testing sample, usually 1,000 visitors or more.

So how much can conversion rate optimization boost online sales? Of course, it varies greatly and will always depend upon the site itself. But, it is quite common to see a 40-60% overall increase in conversions after an optimization is complete. However, the great news about CRO services is that they honestly don’t need to generate a big increase in conversion rate to generate a massive increase in profits. In fact, when viewed as an investment option similar to SEO, PPC, or even social media, conversion rate optimization generates a far greater return on your investment dollar than any of these more popular options.

Conversion Rate Optimization Explodes Online Profits for 2 Reasons


  1. Conversion Rate Optimization Provides a Permanent Boost in Conversions

What happens if you decide to stop paying your SEO expert, PPC firm, or social media marketer? In the case of the PPC company, they are going to shut off your traffic immediately and your sales will plummet. The process is certainly a bit slower when you cut off investment to SEO or social media, but the end result is certainly the same.

But with CRO services, the increased conversions remain elevated long after the project is complete and paid for. This is because conversion rate optimization makes permanent changes to the copywriting, programming, and other primary website components to fix the issues that were depressing sales and conversions. After the changes have been made, testing is conducted on the revamped website to confirm the new conversion rate over a large enough sample size to statistically verify results. This new conversion baseline will hold steady but decay slowly as new competition enters the marketplace and changes are made to the site.

  1. CRO Services Boost Website Conversions without Increasing Marketing Spend

What percentage of your overall online revenue is devoured by marketing costs such as PPC, SEO services, SMM, or even content marketing? Believe it or not, the average percentage of sales devoted to marketing costs can range from 1/3 to ½ of total online revenues. So that means that any new sales generated from investments in typical marketing strategies like PPC or SEO have very low margins.

Investing in conversion rate optimization will also increase your online sales just like those other marketing options but the big difference is: Those extra sales come with zero marketing costs. CRO experts specifically focus upon squeezing more online sales out of existing traffic streams. This makes these additional sales far more profitable than those generated from SEO, social media, or even content marketing!

Concluding Thoughts

As a website owner, you have loads of options when it comes to investing in your site to generate higher sales or conversions, such as PPC, SEO, or yes, conversion rate optimization. But while “traffic generating” strategies like SEO and PPC may well increase online sales via more traffic, those additional conversions all come with significant marketing costs that kill profits. Plus, if you stop investing in PPC, SEO, or even SMM, you will quickly see the sales and ROI stop shortly after the investment ends.

But conversion rate optimization experts make permanent changes to major website components to effectively squeeze more online sales out of the same traffic sources. But not only do CRO services help your site generate more sales without increasing marketing costs, those higher sales will continue to roll in for potentially years after the investment is complete. For these two reasons, conversion rate optimization literally blows competing investment options away and sends profits skyrocketing.

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