Different SEO hats color and their methods

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SEO or Search engine optimization is a method employed to make a website visible in search engine’s search results.

SEO methods include Indexing,Guest Posting crawling and color hat techniques. The SEO Color techniques or methods used and referred generally are:

A) White Hat SEO

B) Gray Hat SEO

C) Black hat SEO

A hat color is a method used to make a website rank in a search engine by employing different techniques.

Let us see them in brief.

A) White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is about giving importance on building good or high quality content on priority, and then focusing on SEO later. White hat SEO users generally write content for their readers or clients, rather than for search engines. This helps them to have a better ranking. The White hat technique involves using good and unique content and links and contributing them towards page ranking. White hat requires good patience for a good ranking number. If there are people who want to see their websites at top ranks, then this method can give them their results a bit late.

White hat is the safest technique to use, as it is recommended by search engines. There is no risk of getting a website of a client banned in a white hat technique. White Hat SEO techniques can include

a) Quality Content

b) Correct HTML coding that is valid to use.

c) Using proper CSS to separate content and optimize pages for attracting social media links.

White hat is a slow but effective method to stay on top of search engine rankings. It is the method to stay within the rules of a search engine and its updates and follow its guidelines. E.g. - Google.

B) Gray Hat SEO

Since White hat SEO is slow, majority of SEO professionals prefer Gray hat SEO. Gray hat SEO invites risk along with rewards. Gray hat SEO is understood to be the mix between White hat and black hat SEO Techniques. This method involves creating internal links, with the help of link distribution in opposition with buying links, or re-writing whole content again but not using the content already published on internet.

It is quicker method of ranking in search results compared to white Hat.

Gray hat SEO involves having a thick keyword list, publishing same or duplicate content on different websites, building less relevant links and using paid links over and over again. Gray hat is in short, manipulating rule of search engines but not breaking them completely. Google has called Gray hat as a risky method that should not be used too often.

The various gray hat techniques involve low keyword content, irrelevant keywords or links that are not related to a specific image using Alt Tags with keywords, content mashup, link exchange in off topic way, paid links and domain buying etc.

C) Black hat Technique.

Black hat technique is a technique that is not approved by major search engines like Google. Websites made with black hat technique stands a high chance of being banned by search engines due to their spamming nature. This technique tries to improve website’s rankings in an illegal way by using hidden text or by cloaking, paid content or directing traffic from popular to lower websites in rankings. If found to be using this technique, a website’s rankings can be reduced or removed from listings by search engines. It can only be restored if white hat technique is used in websites again.

This technique also is involved in creating backlinks from different websites that work as spam and the user of the website gets directed to some other content website instead of the original. This is done to get fast results for optimizing websites. It also involves using proxy servers, or creating IP address for duplicate websites to increase backlinks.

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