How to update your Asus Router firmware & update ip address in Asus Router?

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Do contact to Asus router support center for troubleshooting issues, when you have any such kind of issues which can't be sort out by yourself.

Do The Updation For The Asus Router Firmware And The IP Address For It

Asus router is one of the well-known brands that deal through the digital electronic devices according to the today’s time. Different range of products and services are available through this specific brand but the router of Asus is quite famous among it’s users. It is of high quality with good performance including all the user-friendly features. Asus router best quality is that it could be accessed through multiple devices and people could work smoothly through facility of internet.  After reading the article if still have any kind of issues then contact to Asus router customer support number.

Users should now take a look over doing the updating for the Asus router firmware-

  • First the users should download the latest firmware for the router from the Asus website
  • Moreover the users are suppose to unzip the download file
  • Added to that users are suppose to navigate the configuration page for Asus wireless router through entering into the address bar
  • Furthermore users are suppose to enter the device username and password at the appropriate place
  • Users are now suppose to strike the link for firmware version at the page for configuration
  • Added to that users need to strike over “Choose File” button
  • Users are now need to choose the downloaded firmware file through a strike over the button for “Open”
  • The button for “Upload” need to be strike
  • Furthermore users need to wait for few minutes and then after the process of updating would get complete. 

How to change the IP address for the Asus router?

  • First the users need to “log in” in Asus router
  • For setting up the IP address users need to strike over the option of LAN that is on the left sidebar
  • At the top of the page users are suppose to strike the button for “LAN IP”
  • Users would direct to the page for IP address setup
  • Moreover the users need to move the cursor into the box that has been marked as “IP Address” and there after new IP address need to be entered
  • Users are recommended to use the IP address that ends through 1 such as
  • Added to that users need to leave the “Subnet mask” alone
  • Furthermore users need to strike the button for “Apply”

For the situations users would not get satisfied through the above solutions and wants extra service then there is need to contact with the Asus router tech support team that are used to available for users even in the odd hours. Mostly the tech support team used the remote access technique to solve the specific problem.


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