How to upgrade cisco switch firmware

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Cisco IOS which is orginally called as the internetworking operating system is the family of the software that is used on most of the system routers as well as the on the cisco switches which are available in the market nowadays.

Talking about the IOS,Guest Posting it is basically a package of various thigs like the routing, switching, internetworking as well as other telecommunications functions that are integrated on to a multitasking operating system.Cisco switches are basically the computer networking device that connects the devices together on to the computer network and that too with the help of the packet switching.And that involves the receiving and forwarding of the data to the required destination device.

So in case you are using a cisco switch and now you want to upgrade the cisco switch firmware then you need to follow the below written steps very carefully:-

here in order to do upgrade the cisco switch firmware you need to go for installing a TFTP server, this is basically the step that you need to do before you begin the process

once you download it then you need to download the cisco IOS sofware image

the moment this software image gets downloaded, then you need to provide the TCP/IP connectivity to the L3 module

now in the next step you need to copy the image which you have downloaded into the L3 module through the TFTP

now you also need to set a boot statement for that image software

once you reach upto this level then you need to go for reloading the L3 module

now after all the above steps you just need to verify the upgrade

after following all the steps written above you are done with the above process

and hence now your cisco switch firmware is upgraded.

So above mentioned steps are really easy to be followed by a normal person, but sometimes it happen that you starts upgrading the firmware by yourself and you get in to the mid of some problem and hence you have to reach the cisco router technical support for the required help.

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