Is The Shutdown A Worry For Adult Industry?

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Canadian webcam software maker indicates little effect from US government "shut down".

(Montreal) October 21,Guest Posting 2013 - The American Government shutdown doesn't seem to have affected Montreal-based - yet.
"Who knows how many of the government-funded workers are consumers to our industry? Or how that sudden cut-off of revenue will trickle down the line to our industry," said Mark Prince, founder and president of and creator of the LiveCamNetwork webcam solution.
While still in its early stages, the shutdown had apparently caused little panic in markets or supply lines which support the economy.
But, while the shutdown wasn't an immediate worry for the adult industry, the rapidly encroaching deadline to raise the debt ceiling had even Canadian companies on edge.
"When the Republicans are in the White House or dominate congress, business is good," said Prince.
"People don't necessarily have more discretionary income at these times, though some do," Prince said. "But the right wing campaigns against porn, they basically advertise for us."
Consuming adult content, like other consumer "vices" such as alcohol or cigarettes, is generally one of the last things those who are stressed or struggling financially seem to leave out of their budgets. However not raising the debt ceiling would have had a much different effect on the economy, according to Prince.
"I'm not very literate on the economy and things like banking," said Prince. "But it seems those who know about these things all said it would have been as bad as or worse than the 2008 meltdown, turning things sour for everyone in the industry, as we saw when all the banks and insurance companies had to be bailed out or go belly up."
At the time, adult businesses had no choice but to consolidate or let themselves be swallowed up by the biggest players in the business.
"But we would survive," said Prince. "We always do."

Prince means the industry as much as


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2much Web Creations was registered as in 1997, and then with as 2much Internet Services in 1998. In the beginning, Mark Prince would cobble together entire webcam chat sites from different service providers, having to deal independently with each company's support department whenever problems cropped up. Frustrated, he decided to create a software package that included each of these services, hosted on his company's own servers - allowing him and his initially meagre technical staff to deal with support issues efficiently and expeditiously.
Over the years and with his experience of client needs and wants, the Software as a Service (SaaS) known as "LiveCamNetwork" evolved to include every element necessary to the operation of a live video chat service, without the need for months of research and development.

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