The Importance of Control When Building Your Blog

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When building your blog you must be aware that creating unique content and continuously is what will be needed to develop reader loyalty!
Read further to discover the 3 most important areas you MUST control to attract and maintain a consistent & steady stream of blog visitors to your site!

When building your blog you must be aware that creating unique content and continuously is what will be needed to develop reader loyalty! Obviously the more you offer blog visitors in terms of interesting reading material the more you'll attract! Since content development is time consuming you'll want to take measures to protect both your efforts and the environment in which you present it! Furthermore you'll also want your site to be named as appropriately as possible so people can easily find you! In so many words you'll need control to make the very most out of your content development efforts!

Here are 3 areas this control will be vital towards attracting and maintaining the flow of blog visitors you do receive to your platform!

Data Base Control

If you don't have access to your own data for back-up and/or transferring purposes you are at risk! Think in terms of all the time and research you put into creating unique content for your site! Are you willing to risk losing all you created or the ability to move it where you see fit simply because you're using a shared hosting account? It is very tempting for many to start blogging on the 'free' sites simply to save money! The savings you may experience will not begin to compare to the anguish if and when you decide to move your platform elsewhere! You may be able to duplicate your content but the loyal blog visitors you've accumulated along with their comments will likely be lost!

You'll have to start all over!

Domain Name

Either it is your unique and relevant selection or otherwise you may be 'assigned' a domain name that is 'vanilla' or even 'invisible' to viewers online! Although free platforms may be available the sub-domain names they offer are neither professional nor eye-catching! You want complete control over the selection of your domain name and how it appears in the browser window! You don't get this right and it will reflect in the level of blog visitors you do receive since search engines will tend to rank you lower!

Comment Regulation

This is NOT to imply you rule with an 'iron hand' on what people can say but merely to monitor comments that are disruptive or non-productive! Many use blogging platforms as 'parking lots' for their links to merely further their own interests with no regards to offering constructive advise and/or opinions relevant to the community in which they 'chose' to plant their links! Nature has a name for this type of selfless approach to 'advancing' your own cause by taking with no intention of contributing and that is parasites! Remember you want to create an environment that is both interesting and comfortable for all blog visitors and having them subjected to spam is not the way to go! The use of a handy and effective widget such as Akismet will rid you of this concern! Sadly most free sites do NOT allow the use of such tools therefore leaving you and others vulnerable!

When building your blog expect that you will invest much time and effort since it's more a process than an overnight event! The heart and soul of your efforts will go toward content development since this is what ultimately will attract blog visitors to your site! To safeguard your efforts and to get the best results you will need to have complete control over the 3 areas reviewed above here today! After all the unique content you'll offer will be the result of your own efforts and time. Therefore it only makes sense that you have total control of both what you create and the environment in which it's presented!

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