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Many a times Gmail criticized for not offering prominent and authentic support for their users. Although Gmail or Google is always in a concern to avail issueless mailing to its customers but managing a vast amount of subscriber is always a hectic task. This article is aimed to reasons that why Gmail flops to deliver conspicuous backing regarding technical glitches.

Having the largest amount of email service subscribers and delivering them support is not an easy undertaking. Gmail has anenormous user base internationally and resolving the issues of all subscribers is such a big deal. Actually Gmail has two types of subscribers; first they who subscribed Gmail as an email client for free of cost are called free users and second who get the Gmail subscription by paying some amount. Such users named as premium users. If there is a talk about customer support Google or Gmail offers only web forum support for its free users and online living support is only achievable by Gmail premium subscribers. It is necessary to have an understanding about support through web forum and live support. Let’s have a quick look on Web forum support and live support.


Web forums refer to web pages containing the direction and instruction about how to overcome with any technical glitch or issue you are fronting with the product. These step by step guidelines need to be followed by the victim subscriber itself to implement the procedure. Because of this textual form of support need to be done by a user itself by following the guidelines mentioned in the web pages so it’s not mostly preferred by users and having no option for official live support they look towards third party service vendors.


Live support or online support is a kind of technical backing where a technical executive will be connected to you through call and you just have to explain him your complete issues and its symptoms as you are getting. The executive or technical agent will suggest you the suitable and possible solution and will take the control of your device for a while by your permission if required. This form of support is called remote or isolated support. The isolated support is required to analyse the actual reason for the technical glitch.

Live support is most favourite kind of support of users because a user mostly has a very tight and busy schedule in a day and it’s hard to manage time to repair their mailing account. Inaccessibility of accredited live support from Gmail forces a user to hire live support services by third party service vendors. 

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