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Windows media server hosting supplies a reliable platform for streaming audio and video over the web. Many benefits which are related to Windows media server hosting can be attributed to the platforms Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP),

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and MMS Protocol availability. Functions included on the server are access restrictions,Guest Posting stream recording, connection limits and enforced authentication. Reliability and flexibility are two extra functions that come with hosting plans. The Scalable Networking Pack for Windows Server 2003 and WMS Cache/Proxy plug-in add to the servers reliability and performance.

Windows media server hosting makes IP telephony a reality. IP telephony might be part of a soft switch or could be installed as a entirely separate unit. The IP telephony network contains a computer system capable of handling pre-recorded announcements (the number you have dialed is no longer in service), dial tones and busy tones. Furthermore to this feature, UPnp, Windows Media Connect, Bonjour and DAAP are embedded within the server. These features permit users and media hubs on the network access to audio and video files stored on the server producing programs like i Tunes and Windows Media Player work.

Windows media server hosting also benefits those with stereos and property theater systems. A computer system within the network stores video, images and digital audio which might be listened to or viewed upon demand. When a user flips on the stereo or turns on the home theater system the network transmits audio and video files directly to them. Streaming is rapidly, programming is dynamic and content delivery might be personalized. Meaning users don't need to listen to what their neighbors are listening to. Scalability, customization and basic administration are all afforded on the network.

Buffering time is eliminated, playback interruptions are decreased and downtime is substantially decreased even by way of wireless and satellite use. On broadband networks users encounter instant playback. Dial up users get reliable streaming and responsiveness allowing them to play digital media content without interruption. IPTV users receive high quality video and audio via the network on account of functions like Advanced Quick Begin, Advanced Play and Advanced FF/RW. As a whole, no matter the venue, users obtain good quality and trustworthy streaming with Windows media server hosting.

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