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... is a ... language designed for use within a web page and/or on a web server. It is used to create special effects within a web page. Elements such as links, images and forms can be ma

JavaScript is a scripting language designed for use
within a web page and/or on a web server. It is used
to create special effects within a web page. Elements
such as links,Guest Posting images and forms can be manipulated
using this powerful technology.

Unlike CGI scripts, JavaScript can be placed directly
into your HTML code. It can also reside on your server
and be called from a small code within your web page.

This powerful scripting language can be used to create
special effects on your web page such as link effects,
mouseovers, image roll overs, navigational systems
and much more.

Here are a few great scripts to get you started:

Navigation Bar

This script is actually a combination of JavaScript and
HTML better known as DHTML. It will enable you to
have a mouseover navigational menu at the top of
your web page. When you place your mouse over the
main menu, a drop down menu will appear. As you
move your mouse over the drop down menu, each
selection is highlighted. This navigation menu is very
similar to the menu used at Microsoft.com.


Dynamic Splash Screen

If you've ever wanted to set up a splash screen for
your web page, Dynamic Splash Screen will do just
that. Splash pages can be used to tell your visitors a
little bit about your site or whatever you'd like. The
great thing about this script is that it is constructed
using a single page. Once the splash messages have
been completed, the script will navigate to the URL
of your choice. It also includes a link on the splash
page that says, "Skip Intro." Nice effect.


Pausing Up and Down Menu Scroller

This nice little script will enable you to have linked
text that scrolls upwards and will pause between
each message. You can choose to include a
background image and customize the background
color and box size. This script provides a nice way
to announce new additions to your site or whatever
you'd like.



Create mouseover popup boxes for your text links.
This great script can be used to include information
about the links, tips or whatever you'd like. It can
create simple mouseover popup boxes or can even
create a popup box that will stay open until the user
wants to close it. The boxes can also be displayed
with or without a caption and colors can be
customized. This is a great little script.


Source Protector

Although this script won't completely protect your
page content, it will deter those wanting to steal
your code. When you right click on your mouse, an
alert box will appear. You can include a message of
your choice.


Right Click Menu

This nifty little script not only helps prevent your code
from being stolen, but it also creates a pop up
navigation menu. When you right click on your mouse,
instead of the browser menu appearing, your menu
will appear. This little menu can contain live links to
other pages on your web site.


Banner Rotator

This simple little script will enable you to rotate
banners on your web page. You simply add your
banner information to the code and place this script
within your web page where you'd like your banners
to display. Each time your page loads, a new banner
will be displayed. Great little script.


Daily Tip

This script will enable you to display a daily tip on your
web site. You can program it with tips for the entire
month and they will automatically display each day.


FairWell Window Launcher

Although popup windows can be irritating, this script
is a little different. It will launch a new window when
your visitor leaves your site. What's great about this
script is that it will only appear the first time someone
visits your web site. If you offer your visitors a free
publication, try placing your subscription information
within this new window. This provides a great way to
increase subscriptions to your publication.


Locating JavaScripts:

Locating DHTML Scripts:

Learn more about JavaScript:
JavaScript Learning Center

Although JavaScript can certainly help you spice up
your web site, there are many scripts that your
visitors may find irritating. Try to avoid scripts such
as mouse trailers, mouseover sounds, mouseover pop
up windows and mouseover redirects. Carefully select
scripts that will enhance your visitors experience and
encourage them to return in the future.

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