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The Rhode Island Judiciary as a resource is decent enough, but it still lacks the practicality and cost-efficiency of an online record provider. Reputable criminal record search websites offer a wide range of criminal data from virtually every state in the country. 

In comparison to some of the larger states in the country,Guest Posting Rhode Island is actually quite small. But the state’s total inhabitants are quite staggering. With a population reaching a million, you can only imagine the number of criminal reports and history profiles that the state agencies must be dealing with. The Rhode Island Department of Attorney General is the chief government entity that tackles all criminal profiles, from arrest reports to conviction records, for the Ocean State. Administered by the department, the Bureau of Criminal Identification plays an important role as a central depository for all Arrest Records Rhode Island and sex offender registries in the state. It is in charge of housing, maintenance, and proper dissemination of the documents.For any individual who may have committed an illegal act that has gotten them in trouble with the law in the Ocean State, the Bureau of Criminal Identification can help you obtain a copy of the incident report and your own personal arrest profile. In the state of Rhode Island, any citizen can access their own criminal history records via a name-based search. You can submit a formal request by postal mail, along with a notarized release form, a clear copy of photo identification, and five bucks for the fee. You put all of the aforementioned requirements inside a self-addressed stamped envelope.If you do not wish to mail your application, you can visit the Bureau of Criminal Identification office in person. You may want to bring with you a valid photo ID, a filled out request sheet, the notarized release form and the five dollar fee. For third party access of criminal profiles, you will be required to submit a notarized consent signed by the subject in question on top of your photo identification. It may sound a wee bit demanding, but the process is really a lot easier than it seems.Criminal profiles and arrest reports in the state of Rhode Island are deemed confidential. This means that without the proper authorization, no person can access other people’s criminal histories. To get approval, one must adhere to the proper procedures and requirements in requesting access to such documents. Only authorized agencies, personnel and law enforcement officials can obtain a complete dossier of another individual’s criminal history profile, which may include conviction records and incident reports.For background checks, the Rhode Island Judiciary is a viable source of criminal background information that is just as comprehensive and up-to-date. This agency handles a total of six courts all over the state, in addition to its role as a criminal information resource for the state’s attorneys and its residents. Through an online criminal information search feature, the Judiciary is able to disseminate pertinent criminal data quite effectively to interested parties. Civilians can effortlessly run criminal history searches from their own home, as a matter of fact.Compared to the Rhode Island Judiciary, there is one more information resource that is more practical and efficient. Commercial criminal data providers offer ordinary individuals a wide variety of public criminal information from any of the fifty states, not just in Rhode Island. Over the years, these services have accumulated quite a number of public arrest records and other criminal profiles in their databases. And for a one-time fee, you will have unlimited access to the said online repository without any difficulty. No need to follow procedures or meet requirements.

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