Be Aware of “How Do I Remove My mugshot From Google?”

May 18


Abbey Thompson

Abbey Thompson

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When mugshots are involved, you have to be aware that it can accessible to all. Most of the time, mugshots are posted to sites connected to sheriff's office and is updated regularly. There is a big chance that someone you knew will find it which can lead complications along the way. Be sure to find ways on how tyou can remove your mugshot online.


A clean criminal record means freedom,Be Aware of “How Do I Remove My mugshot From Google?” Articles freedom to be who you are and to what you want to do with your life. When you are bound to a criminal record from the past, there are certain limitations to what you can do, especially to the things regarding job opportunities and getting a life that you want. There are people who are very particular when it comes to the background of a person. As we all know, Google is the topmost search engine used all throughout the globe. If it happens that your photo is available online, like being posted to websites hosting mugshots, there is a possibility that your photograph is accessible to anyone.

This is true when you have been involved in a criminal offense or has committed a crime. As part of the standard procedure, as soon as a person was arrested, he is then subject to question regarding the criminal offense and is then taken a mugshot, or to others a booking photograph. A mugshot is a photographic portrait of an arrested person for the purpose of photographic record which is then submitted to the database where all mugshots are kept. All mugshot are also visible to sites known as third party websites. These sites are getting their information from the sheriff's websites which is the one responsible for updating the data regarding mugshots. Mugshots are updated at least everyday, so expect that when you have been involved in a crime and was taken a mugshot, you have to consider how do I remove my mugshot from Google.

The process of removing your mugshot from internet before the case was settled does not really mean deleting it from the database. This means removing it from the top pages of Google. It is likely that people are fond of searching stuffs on the net but do not entirely search all throughout the pages returned. Mostly, they are only after for page 1 and then have different keywords for the next search. It is important that you have to consider “how do I remove my mugshot from Google” because having your mugshot available online means a lot. Aside from the fact that your family may be affected by knowing that you have been involved in a criminal offense, this can also affect your career. Others may consider having a bad criminal record a bad character. If you do not want to be regarded as having a bad character consider how do I remove my mugshot from Google. There are instances that you may find it hard to find a decent job just because your mugshot was posted to a website stating the criminal offense you have committed. You need not to wait for this to happen before making an action. Consider how do I remove my mugshot from Google or you will have problems along the way.