Documents To Show Your Delaware County Car Accident Attorney After An Accident

Jan 5


Jessica E Taylor

Jessica E Taylor

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When you are involved in an accident involving four-wheelers and the reason for this major accident is because of the other driver’s negligence and ignorance, but the injuries you have is too painful, at that point of time approaching a Delaware County car accident attorney and also providing him the necessary documents are important, which is covered by this article.


If you are involved in a car accident,Documents To Show Your Delaware County Car Accident Attorney After An Accident Articles you may be planning a lot of stuff for your betterment; of course, you are planning to file a lawsuit against the opposite party responsible for the accident. But at this point of time you are really confused as what steps you must take, well, it’s not that complicated as it seems to be, the first most important thing you must collect all the evidence and proofs as well have a medical checkup for your safety, so that those injuries don’t turn out to be devastating in the future. Once you are done with this you all you need to do is hire a Delaware County car accident attorney, after that you have to submit and provide them all the necessary information as to make a further step in your case, you must be wondering what all documents are required to be submitted to your professional, well, here is a list of documents and information that firstly you must possess and secondly you must submit it to the attorney for a better outcome.

Here is the list of Documents to Show your Delaware County Car Accident Attorney after an Accident

  • Insurance Policy Of Yours

Usually a lot of people make an insurance policy for their automobile as in automobile insurance policy, this can act as a very helpful document, your Delaware County car accident attorney will ask a copy of your insurance policy with detail analysis they will try to find out what type of insurance recovery you are possibly going to get with this car accident of yours. Even if you don’t have a copy of your insurance policy it is not a big deal, you must cool down and let the attorney handle it, they will be able to obtain the copy easily from the insurance company so let them do it for you with your approval. This is a major document that you must preserve for your attorney.

  • Evidence Of Premium Payments

Your Delaware County car accident attorney will definitely need some proofs of your automobile insurance policy premiums, if you have one and you are paying it properly you will have a statement or bills for that, when you are ready to file a case and you have the attorney by your side, you must submit those statements or bills from your insurance company that indicates that your payments are always on time. With this you will have an assurance as well your attorney will have an assurance that you have a paid-up insurance policy without any delay without any errors.

  • Information Of The Accident Scene

It is a must to exchange information at the accident scene with the other party, witnesses plus you yourself must take an initiative to collect all important evidence, it can be a phone number, address in details, car number plate, car model of the other party or you can say at-fault party, the other evidence could be pictures of the accident, pictures of the condition of your and the other person’s car, also you can interview the witnesses related to the accident and write down or record their statements, if possible you can also collect their personal information that is their number or address so you can approach them if they occur want the hearing of witnesses, this all possible information must be possessed by you plus submitted to the Delaware County car accident attorney.

  • Information Provided By The Police

In many cases the police are approached at the site of the accident, in that situation, they file an accident report that includes the diagram of where exactly the accident and car crash occurred, also where the other car and surrounding pedestrian were there. This report will also include the cause of the accident, who was responsible for such crash. It is a really helpful document as your attorney will understand a summary of your case and what exactly happened during the accident. What your responsibility is to provide your attorney with the accident report, or any other thing that was provided by the police as an evidence or important document for your case. Even if you don’t have a copy your attorney can obtain it from their source so don’t panic.

  • Photographs

 As discussed earlier if the car accident damaged your car badly, what you must do is click pictures, not just one or two but many pictures from a different angle this can help you to not leave a single clue or evidence for the Delaware County car accident attorney. If you don’t have any pictures, your insurance company representatives will definitely have, and they are surely not going to give you something or all that you want but will collect something that will be helpful for their company in order to pay less (in some cases depending on the insurance company). So make sure you have something for your case to make it strong and submit it to your attorney for better outcomes.

  • Statements

When you are involved in a car accident that involves crashing of your car and damaging it badly, definitely your automobile insurance company will ask or interrogate with you to obtain a valid proof or statement about what exactly happened at the accident scene. At that point of time, your responsibility is to make a copy of that statement so that you can submit it to the Delaware County car accident attorney. Even if you don’t have any copy you just need to inform the attorney about the statement, they will contact the insurance firm and find out or collect it by their own self.

  • Medical Records

When you are involved in a car accident you definitively have taken a medical checkup or consulted a medical professionals for your physical injuries, If yes, your Delaware County car accident attorney will need a copies of your medical record, any X-rays or tests or anything that is very important, indicating that you have had some very serious injuries can be helpful for your case, the records that you have must be submitted on time, even if you don’t have a copies just give your attorney a details of your medical practitioner so they can directly contact the professional and ask for the records.

  • Psychological Records

Sometimes accidents are very severe, even if you don’t have physical injuries much but it might impact you mentally with the trauma and emotional impact, with this you might not be able to live a normal life and struggling with the fear to move around outside, this is also not a good symptom and can affect you and your health psychologically. If you have to consult any psychiatric you will have a medical bills or reports of your case, so do submit it to your Delaware County car accident attorney so that they have an idea about your condition and they can plan to make every possible move for winning the claims.

These are all the required documents that you must possess and submit to the Delaware County car accident attorney so as to make a strong case and also prove that you were not the one responsible for such accidents and irresponsible behavior.