Domestic Violence Attorney Offers Guidance

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A domestic violence attorney can offer legal advice and solutions. Here are some things to think about.

A domestic violence attorney specializes in offering legal services to family members affected by violent behaviors in the home. Abusive behavior between anyone is a criminal offense. When it occurs between intimate companions,Guest Posting it is considered to be domestic violence. This can occur between parent and child, spouses, elderly family members or any other individuals who share intimate ties and/or living space. The abuse can be physical, sexual, psychological or emotional. When these offenses occur, participants should seek therapeutic counseling services and when criminal charges incur, a lawyer needs to be consulted, as well. Here are some things to think about:

- Psychological battering can include threats, intimidation, property damage or harassment. Even though there aren’t bruises, this can be a devastating ordeal.

- Financial abuse may also fall into this classification. This occurs when someone fraudulently takes over another person’s valuables, money, power of attorney or retirement accounts.

- Relationships involved usually follow an escalating pattern of violence. Abusers often grew up with abuse during their own childhood. These relationships may be dating couples, friendships, marriage or common law partners.

- Physical signs can be hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, hair pulling or beating.

- Emotional and psychological signs can include controlling behaviors, shaming, or threats.

- Neglect can also be a form of abusive behavior especially with children or the elderly.

- If these patterns are prevalent in families and especially those which are multigenerational, the individuals may be so accustomed to it that they don’t realize it’s abusive. A story about a frog demonstrates this principle. When a frog is put into a pot of cold water on the stove, it doesn’t notice when the temperature slowly escalates. After a while, the reptile is cooked. This is similar to an individual who has been simmering in a bad situation for a long time. The person may not even notice it until they are “cooked.” They may even feel that it’s normal. This explains why so many victims stay with their abuser.

- Domestic abuse cases are complicated. When a citizen makes an accusation regarding this crime, the police must be very careful to discern the truth of the matter. Police officers must protect the victim as well as the accused. There are cases where an accusation was made against a supposed perpetrator that wasn’t true. A person may threaten that he or she will call the police and say they’re being hurt when they’re not. An example is a teenager who is manipulating his or her parents by saying if the teen doesn’t get his or her way, he will call the cops and claim abuse.

Disputes between friends, lovers, and family members can be devastating indeed. When they reach the point of being labeled abusive, the legal authorities may step in. When the law is brought onto the scene, the individuals involved need a competent lawyer to guide them through the complexities of the court system.

A domestic violence attorney can assist individuals whose lives have been touched by violent behavior between intimate companionships. A savvy lawyer can help sort out the situation.

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