How Much Money Does an Attorney Make?

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Ever wondered about the salary of an attorney? Here are some things to think about.

What type of salary does an attorney make? There are many variables that result in broad ranges of different salaries for lawyers,Guest Posting judges and legal representatives. Some of these variables may include the size firm he or she practices in, what area of law is focused on, the region or the country where he or she practices, how much experience and how successful he or she has been. It can take seven or eight years after graduating from high school to be able to hang the “lawyer” shingle outside of one’s office. 

The path leading to this career is a rigorous one that requires determination, intelligence and a competitive spirit. A person has to apply to even become admitted into law school after college and then there’s a heavy workload ahead once admission has been gained. All of this education and persistence can pay off in terms of annual salaries although this isn’t the case for every legal representative. Here are some things to think about:

- Average salaries: In the year 2008, these workers’ paycheck numbers hovered around an annual average of $100,000. Individuals who were fresh out of law school earned closer to the $50,000 to $60,000 range and gained increases after gathering experience.

- Management and business: When lawyers work for management, corporations and business organizations, they tend to bring in the fattest paychecks. 

- Large firms: Legal eagles who work for large and prestigious law firms tend to bring in the most cash into their personal checking accounts. This may be preferable for individuals who like working with a team of professionals rather than on their own. 

- Private practice: A beginning lawyer in private practice will make less than an experienced one with an established clientele or one working for a larger practice. The positive side to having one’s own practice, however, is the ability to call the shots about which cases are taken and how they’re tried. A professional who wants to work part time might be able to more easily set his or her own hours if he or she owns the business.

- Public service: Professionals who choose to dedicate their careers to the underdogs of the world via public service are likely to reap rewards in terms of personal satisfaction but not so much in terms of salary.

- Regions of the country: Large, highly populated cities along the east or west coast offer higher salaries across the board of all professions. Small towns and rural areas will tend to generate less income for professionals. The trade-offs usually include lower costs of living in the smaller towns and rural regions. Living in big cities on either the eastern or western coast is quite expensive in terms of housing.

Becoming an attorney takes a sharp intellect, tenacity and good judgment. The career path that unfolds after the law examinations are passed will depend on many variables including large or small firm, private practice, business management or public service, region of the country and abilities of the legal representative.

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