Is Police Clearance Certificate Must for UK’s Tier 2 Visa?

Apr 26


Kim Gill

Kim Gill

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Police Clearance certificate is essential for getting UK’s Tier 2 visa. It unearths the criminal background of the applicant, if any. Then, the immigration authority of UK decides whether to give or not to give visa if the person was sentenced.


Is it possible to get nodding for crossing the borderline without verification? It would not be so since the person is authenticated first,Is Police Clearance Certificate Must for UK’s Tier 2 Visa? Articles before getting stamp to go abroad. But recently, the European countries and America have decided to halt entry of expats, especially Asians such as Indians. UK cited to curb immigration in the country by capping the salary of skilled emigrants to 41,500 pounds per annum. And  each UK employer has  to pay 1000 pounds more than the requisite visa processing fee.    

What is police clearance certificate?

Police Clearance Certificate or PCC is a legal document validated by the regional police of the country. It discloses criminal record of the person if he/she is detained or convicted ever. Every country has its own set-up of competent authority that attests this certificate. For example, if the seeker hails from New Delhi, he/she can apply for it in the police station located nearby his/her house. 

Before that attestation, thorough investigation takes place in the criminal record books. Afterwards, it is delivered in the name of the person. 

Is it mandatory for UK’s Tier 2 Visa?

In April 2017, the UK government has issued a mandate while revising its visa policies. It can be called an imitation of the US President Trump’s strict move. His move advocates in favour of Americans who must be the first choice for the employers there when it comes to employment. 

By learning lessons from him, UK has also made it compulsory to validate his/her entry via criminal check certificate. It’s the synonym of PCC wherein applicant’s any role in any offence would be clearly mentioned. Therefore, it would be an easy job for the consul department to approve or disapprove Tier 2 visa request.

If any country does not issue such certificate or the applicant had served time in the asylum, then this case would be considered as not ‘reasonably practicable’. But the applicant must be 18 years old or below.   

Who have to present this certificate for flying down to UK?

According to recently surfacing headlines, Indian doctors, nurses and those who take up their job in the education sector of UK have to submit it with their visa application.  In case, the applicant fails to produce it, his/her visa application will be disapproved. 

If the applicant is going along with dependent (s) like spouse and children or kins, the separate certificate of police clearance would be applied for them. The UK government doesn’t want any vulnerable person enter their territory & spread violence or insecurity to the natives.   

And also, the applicants must bear in mind that they must get it from the country where he/she has been living for 1year in the previous 10 years continuously.

The minors whose age falls in between 0 to 18 years need not submit it.   

Can the convicted applicants ever get UK visa?

Yes, the applicants with criminal history can get UK visa. But here a few conditions are applied.

  • If the convict has served more than four years in jail, his/her visa application will directly be refused.
  • If the convict has served 12 months in jail but not four years, then he/she is eligible to get it but only after 10 years of the sentence.
  • If the convict has served less than 12 months behind bars, he/she would be able to get it only after 5 years of the sentence.

Where is it required?

In India, people apply for PCC with two motives.

  • For employment purpose
  • For seeking passport or visa

The applicant can visit the nearest police station for filling its application form. There is an online option available also. It is considered as one of the mandatory NRI legal services. The seeker can visit official government website of PSK ( or website of the state police (like

Which details are required for PCC?

  • Passport Number
  • Date of its issuance
  • Date of its expiry
  • Place from where it is issued
  • Country for which it is required
  • Applicant’s name
  • His/her date of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Type of employment
  • Qualification certificates
  • Valid family details
  • Residential address
  • Duration of residency

From where to get it attested in India?

India follows three stages of its attestation services of the immigration documents. It is also known as apostille services. The applicant can get it attested from the state commissioner of the police. His stamp would be there on the certificate. Then, the same certificate is attested at the HRD of the state government.

Once the state level attestation is completed, the same document is stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Finally, it is submitted at the consulate officer where the competent authority signs it.

The applicant is verified intensely during the first phase of attestation. Therefore, the subsequent attestation authorities just put their stamp but don’t carry on verification intensely.