Legal Rights after an Accident by New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Nov 21


Jessica E Taylor

Jessica E Taylor

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When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, seeking a medical expert’s advice to heal your wounds should be your first concern and then focus on filing the lawsuit against the negligence party. This can be done once you know your rights with the help of your motorcycle accident attorney.


Riding a motorcycle and driving a car is very different,Legal Rights after an Accident by New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorney Articles the safety that you have in a car is much better as compared to the safety while riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle means the only protection you have is from the helmet and nothing else. The amount of injuries that you will generate in a motorcycle accident is surely going to be very painful and severe. So if you are by far or by no choice stuck with some serious motorcycle accident you will get permanent injuries and quite a long-term pain. If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident and you know that you were not responsible for what has happened, it becomes very important for you to hire a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney if you are planning to seek justice for what is wrong going with you. The rights of every motorcycle accident victim have should be known to you only then you will understand how to progress with the case. Without the guidance of your professional you may stick at the first step itself, so here are few pointers to explain the rights you hold.

  • Right to Not Signing Any Paper Without Attorney’s Advice

Without the presence of the attorney, you should never make any kind of decisions with respect to your case. You have the right to deny signing any paper or document by the insurance company, court or other party’s attorney. As these professionals are trying to collect information or trying to make you sign on any agreement that can be later sued by them against you in the court. Not hiring an expert can push you in trouble because if you don’t hire them you may not be able to make the smart choice with respect to the legal documents as you don’t understand the legal jargons striking with errors will become easy.

  • Right To Seek Accident Benefits

You do have the right as a victim; there are different benefits that a victim involved in an accident gets. If you don’t know the benefits you won’t make use of it. Thus, there are typical guidelines laid down in order to make use of the benefits, you can ask your New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney to guide you with the benefits and what time is it required to take advantage of the same, is there any time limit of it and so on. You state may have different laws and rules so if you are aware of the laws you can make better decisions. However, it is important to know if you are eligible under these criteria as there are terms and conditions. 

  • Right To Recovery

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident you need to focus on a lot of things, firstly seeking compensation is your right, but if you are partially involved in an accident you still have options to recover the amount you have lost due to the accident. For example, if you are injured and responsible for the accident 10% you will recover 90%. But if you are responsible for 50% you will recover 50% and so on. Thus this way a calculation happen with the proper guidance and control by your New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney.

  • Right To Obtain Police Report

At the accident scene, you should call the police immediately from your side because it creates a good impression as a responsible citizen. Apart from that, the police will do the investigation from their side. This investigation will result in a proper investigation report, so you do have the right to take a copy from the authorities. Even if they deny providing you, your attorney can ask from them. It is your right to have the copy with you because it holds information on both the parties and it’s not in favor of any single party. Obtaining a police report can be really helpful in understanding what exactly happened at the scene, it also has details of the witness so you can gather useful information about the witness.

  • You Have The Right To Negotiate A Fair Deal

When you communicate with the insurance adjuster they will always want to lessen the compensation amount as they will first consider their firm and then you.  So if you are not satisfied with the amount they have totaled up for you, you have a space to make changes in it, the negotiation process is meant to make the deal settle easily. You can put the claim value as per your case and the insurance firm will put their value. This way a negotiation will begin and if the negotiation doesn’t come to a proper value, you can carry your case in the court.

  • Right To Hire An Expert

Of course, you do have the right to hire New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney for your case, it is always important to know that without them you won’t be able to move further with the case proceedings. They know all the basics laws and regulations relating to motorcycle accident so they surely can be supportive. Even if you are involved partially you will have the right to approach them and ask them to provide you with justice.

  • Right to Sue The negligent

Well, it’s very obvious, if you think you cannot do anything and only expect the compensation amount, it’s definitely not true; you have the right to seek justice. If the accident was very risky and you are in a serious trauma or any loved ones of yours are facing the issue, then you have the right to sue the person who showed such negligent behavior that led to this motorcycle disaster.