Personal Injury Attorney Protects Car Crash Victims

Jan 4


Antoinette Ayana

Antoinette Ayana

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Victims in car crashes may need the help of a personal injury attorney. Get some tips on finding a lawyer to help you.

A personal injury attorney is the legal eagle who helps victims of auto collisions that have suffered due to another person's negligence. Driving an automobile,Personal Injury Attorney Protects Car Crash Victims Articles truck or motorcycle can be a treacherous endeavor if the other motorists on the road are doing dumb things. Traveling down the freeway at high speed, or even going through a school zone at 15 miles per hour, can lead to disaster when the drivers in the other lanes are inebriated or just not paying attention. A personal injury attorney can help you if you have suffered the consequences of a driver who was breaking one of the following rules of the road:

- Cell phone use or texting: People have gotten so hooked on having their phones with them 24/7 that they forget to use common sense. When those little rings or songs come on to alert the phone owner that he or she has a message, whether a voice message or text, many snap to attention to read or answer it. Many states have made this practice illegal but people still do it. Some studies have shown that using one's cell phone while operating a motor vehicle cuts down on brain focus while driving by 37%.

- Road rage: When a person is furious with a boss, their partner, spouse, kids or another motorist on the road, he or she may switch into rage-mode immediately. Being enraged is a dangerous state to be in when operating a piece of metal at high speeds. These drivers push the accelerator down hard and make erratic decisions that can lead to disastrous consequences. Anger happens, but if a person is out-of-control, he or she should pull over and get a grip.

- Putting makeup on or doing one's hair: Late to work employees often try to make up for lost time by dressing and performing grooming tasks while steering the car. Putting on mascara, makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, hair gel and taking curlers out of one's coif isn't a good idea while cruising the streets in a rush to clock in at work.

- Eating on the run: Another distracting habit that motorists have is eating a full meal on the road. We're talking forks, spoons and knives, not just a burger. Even a hand held meal takes one hand off the wheel, however. Dropped condiments, drips and choking are all more possible when a person is supposed to be steering a vehicle, shifting gears and putting on a turn signal. It's also bad for digestion and gaining weight. The healthiest way to digest food is by eating it calmly and mindfully, not while merging in and out of traffic. One reason people gain weight is because they don't even notice what they are stuffing in their mouths. Eating on the road is just a bad idea.

One of the major causes of car crashes is that the other driver isn't paying attention. If he or she is talking on the cell phone, texting buddies, experiencing road rage, putting on makeup, styling hair, or eating their breakfast, lunch or dinner, an accident is waiting to happen. A call to a personal injury attorney may be coming right up.