Private Investigator Secrets: Tricks of the Trade

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 People choose to hire a private investigator for a wide variety of reasons. The following covers a few fun facts pertaining to the trade.

People choose to hire a private investigator for a wide variety of reasons. Insurance agencies call on these professionals to help prove various circumstances associated with a claim. A suspicious husband might choose to hire one to check up on his wife. Some businesses hire professionals to take care of background checks on prospective employees. Regardless of the reasoning behind the decision,Guest Posting these modern day detectives utilize a wide array of techniques in order to obtain the information their clients have been searching for. Below, we will offer up a few secrets of the trade.

Height Guessing

Determining the height of an individual is pretty hard without the aid of a tape measure, but these professionals have been using an accurate estimation technique for years. The individual in question is simply compared to the height of an object or a close individual that can be measured. Common objects include doors, cars, windows, and trees.

Evidence Recording

Detectives will record evidence in order to prove what actually occurred. Video is time-stamped in order to prove its relevance and legitimacy. Wide shots are also taken in order to establish the exact location of the event in question. In some cases bugs, or sound recorders, will be placed on phone lines or in rooms in order to gain information.

Caller ID Block

In an age where pretty much everyone has a version of caller ID, it’s imperative that a private investigator is able to mask his identity from the individuals being investigated. One common method used is to place operator-assisted calls, thus eliminating the root number all together. The operator is called by the detective who tells them that the number they are trying to reach is not working. The operator will then connect the call, hiding the original number that the detective is calling from. A similar method can be used by pressing *67 on a touch-tone phone prior to making a call.

Number Decoding

When audio surveillance is being conducted on a phone line, many times detectives will pick up the tones made by the keys when the person being investigated makes a call. Using some advanced equipment, detectives are then able to decode these tones and determine the exact number that has been dialed.


Detectives may decide that a stake out is in order. This can be accomplished in a few different ways. The first involves an old-fashioned car-in-dark-parking lot deal, in which the detective stations himself in one area for a period of time to take note of any movement by the party being investigated. The other involves the use of cameras, positioned at various points around the suspect’s work and home.


If you are intent on utilizing the service of a private investigator, be sure you’re prepared for the outcome. These professionals will be able to dig up things that you may not have wanted unveiled, causing damage to your relationships and peace of mind. However, if you’re committed to learning the truth on a matter, there’s no better way to get to the bottom of the barrel. 

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