The Significance of a Trial Lawyer for Your Case

Oct 17


Lala C. Ballatan

Lala C. Ballatan

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The importance of having a trial lawyer representing your case


Cases concerning personal injuries could be traumatic enough as it is,The Significance of a Trial Lawyer for Your Case Articles without having to undergo a trial. It is most unfortunate, though, nowadays, insurance companies are more daring than before, which was around the 70s and 80s era.


Now, these insurance companies are in favor of the cases going to trial as opposed to their usual caution before not to have a case go into trial.


Even the propaganda of insurance companies may now have certain effects on the potential jurors' insight about cases. Nowadays, most jurors coming to court may already have the expectation that they would find a scam or fraud artist who is professing to be severely injured because of a minor incident.


 The broadcast and print media have fairly warned the people repeatedly regarding "Jackpot Justice" wherein people could go before the court asking to be rewarded with millions just because of an incident where they have been spilled with coffee, have fell down into a puddle of water in the department store or had a minor fender bender. These cases are usually termed as frivolous cases.


The insurance companies' propaganda may be right in some cases. Probably these cases are not that numerous but are highlighted so that some victims become discouraged in ever filing a claim, much less a lawsuit before court.


Due to these, there are additional challenges for a trial lawyer with specialization in personal injury and its myriad aspects, to bring light on the significance of a client's case. Even if the jurors and the other participants of a trial case may or may not understand it yet.


The trial lawyer will make every effort in order to let them see your plight as sincerely as possible to thwart off the pre-conditioned thoughts on the minds of the jurors and the other participants. Your trial lawyer will also know how your case can be steered off the possible instances wherein the whole trial would become a terrible experience for you.


Here are the following general steps during trial wherein your lawyer could have a hand in stressing the credence of your case.


Selection of jury or Voir Dire – the lawyers can do the jury selection according to the state's rules. In this process, the lawyer could be subjected to legal rules on what to ask the jurors. However, a brilliant trial lawyer would be highly skilled in knowing how to recognize the potential jurors with a pre-conditioned opinion about the case or with potential for prejudice and discrimination about your situation.


Opening statements – your lawyer, considered, as the Plaintiff's lawyer may be first to deliver his/her opening statements before the Defendant's lawyer or the lawyer for the person/entity you have sued.


If your lawyer is highly competent and a persuasive and expressive speaker, to boot, then he/she can make your case stronger than it actually already is. It takes in-depth research for the trial lawyer to give a factual picture of your pain and suffering and not only move the jurors and the audience's emotions regarding your pitiful state.


Likewise, the witness presentation and cross-examinations up to the final arguments give your lawyer a good fighting chance to provide more emphasis on your injuries and its implications to you and your family's life.


 You will be more vindicated in putting your stakes and trust an expert trial lawyer when the jury deliberation passed and they decided to give you the just compensation you are entitled to receive.

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