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In designing an environment for the effective performance of individuals working together in groups,Guest Posting a manager\'s most essential task is to see that everyone understands the groups purposes and objectives and its method of attaining them. If group effort is to be effective, people must know what they are expected to accomplish. This is a function of business process management solutions. Planning plays a pivotal part in attaining the solutions.

Planning involves selecting missions and objectives and the actions to achieve them. It requires decision-making, choosing from among alternative future courses of action. Plans provide a rational approach to pre-selected objectives. Planning bridges the gap from where we are to where we want to go. It makes it possible for things to occur that would not otherwise happen. Although we can seldom predict the exact future, and although factors beyond our control may interfere with the best-laid plans, unless we plan, we are leaving events to chance.

Business process management solutions are an intellectually demanding process. They require that we consciously determine courses of action and base our decisions on purpose, knowledge and considered estimates. Any attempt to control without plans is meaningless, since there is no way for people to tell whether they are going where they want to go (the result of the task of control) unless they first know where they want to go (part of the task of planning). Plans thus furnish the standards of control.

The failure of some managers to recognize that there are a number of different types of solutions has often caused difficulty in making planning effective. It is easy to see that a major program, such as one to build and equip a new factory, is a plan. But a number of courses for future action are also plans. In fact, a plan can encompass any number of courses of future action that clearly show that plans are varied.

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