18 Steps to Start Crowd1 Online Business

Nov 23


Robert Kamau

Robert Kamau

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Sure you can start crowd1 online business at any time. Starting crowd1 business is a 2 minute process. You can sign up to a crowd 1 account by getting a sponsor link and filling in your details as long as you have an ID card, email address and a phone number.


You can start your crowd1 online business from any country around the world including Saudi Arabia,18 Steps to Start Crowd1 Online Business Articles Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Belarus, Qatar, Italy, Greece, Ghana, Ethiopia, Togo, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Hungary, Russia, Nepal, Burundi, south Africa, UK, Vietnam, Germany, Zambia, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea, France, Cameroon, DRC, South Sudan, Philippines, China and others.

Learn how to start crowd1 online business in a step by step process

  • Find a good Sponsor
  • Sign up with a sponsor link
  • Download your crowd 1 app
  • Login to your crowd1 app
  • Select a package to purchase
  • Open a bitcoins wallet
  • Pay for your account using bitcoins
  • Read your back office in detail
  • Attend daily zoom trainings
  • Make a list of Prospects
  • Call your prospects and invite to presentations
  • Arrange one on one meetings
  • Arrange Training Seminar
  • Get a mentor
  • Educate yourself
  • Advertise your business
  • Help your team
  • Talk to People


1. Find A Good Sponsor

The first thing to do if you want to start your crowd1 online business is to find a good sponsor who will support you to make it in the business. Your sponsor will be able to train you in the business and advice you on the best way forward to success in crowd1 business.

2. Sign Up With A Sponsor Link

Your sponsor will give you his invite link to sign up under him. You cannot change your sponsor after this and you will be always in his genealogy matrix after joining. Signing up is a 1 minute affair where you need to fill in your username, your names, your address, postal code, city, country, email address, and password. It’s a very quick process but take care to make a unique username and ensure your email is correct and working

3. Download Your Crowd 1 App

You can now go and download the crowd1 app from play store to your mobile phone. You will, going forward, be using your app to log into your crowd1 account. The app is also special because it sends you alerts whenever you make money in your account. It makes this ‘kachink’ sound whenever you get paid money in your account.

4. Login To Your Crowd1 App

Log in to your crowd1 account using the app and learn how to navigate around your account. Know where what is where so that you can easily find things around your account back office.

5. Select A Package To Purchase

You now need to select the package that you want to purchase. You can choose any of these packages. White package for 99 euro; Black package for 299 Euro;  Gold Package for 799 Euro;  Titanium Package for 2,499 Euro. The higher the package that you select the higher the payouts on dividends every 3 months. The system will show you how much you need to pay for your membership package in bitcoins. Copy this amount of bitcoins in another paper.

6. Open A Bitcoins Wallet

You need to open a bitcoins wallet in order to be able to buy your membership package in crowd1. Most transactions in crowd1 are made through bitcoins. You will also be paid through bitcoins. You can open a good bitcoins wallet at www.localbitcoins.com or www.blockchain.com You can then buy bitcoins to your wallet.

7. Pay for Your Account Using Bitcoins

Send the coins to the crowd1 Bitcon wallet address given to you when you picked your package from your back office. Transfer the coins to crowd1 to pay for your package. That’s it, you are now a member of crowd1.

8. Read Your Back Office In Detail

You will need to go back to your crowd1 back office and read carefully about your crowd1 business, products, business model, news, types of bonus, network levels, how to withdraw, how to make payment, the downline matrix and much more. You will need to learn about the back office so as to be able to explain it to your downline members as well.

9. Attend Daily Zoom Trainings

Learning about your business as a fast as possible is very important. You need to teach yourself about your business so as you are able to make presentations. Crowd1 offers daily zoom meetings that you can attend and learn more about your new company. These zoom business training meetings are very effective in recruiting new members as well. They usually have attendance from more than 100 countries and you can invite your guests here to grow fast.

10. Make A List Of Prospects

You need to make a list of your prospects. Make a prospect list that is very targeted and qualified to do the business. You can list friends, business associates, family and anyone else you may have met even if briefly. This will be your initial list of clients to call and invite for a presentation. You should make a list as long as 100 prospects or more. Try and keep this list as fresh with new prospects every day.

11. Call Your Prospects And Invite To Presentations

Once you have a prospects list, you next step is to start making the calls. Sales is about calling people and setting up business presentation meetings. To move forward you have to make calls daily to invite people into meetings or seminars. To ensure your business is moving forward, make sure you make at least 10 or so calls every day to your prospects either to follow up or to new prospects.

12. Invite To One-On-One Meeting

You need to plan one on one meeting daily. Make sure that you meet at least 3 or 4 people and present the business every day. You will be doing your business a favor if you keep on inviting to meetings and presenting your business. One on one meetings are very effective since the client is able to meet you personally and ask all the questions to you.

13. Arrange Training Seminars

To grow your business very fast, you need to start arranging for training seminars or at least getting your clients to one. Seminars have the advantage of being able to make the business presentation to a large number of people. Guests are also able to listen to testimonials from other people who have succeeded before you. Seminars will also help you to meet more people at one sitting hence saving on money. You can ensure that you have a way to follow up with the guests to get them to sign up.

14. Get A Mentor

To succeed in crowd1, you need to have a mentor who is successful. A mentor helps to keep you in check and focused to your own development. A mentor helps to influence your mindset such that you are able to concentrate on things in your daily like that have a positive impact on your life. They say that if you hang around 5 successful people you will be the 6th. If you hand around 5 millionaires, you will be the 6th. This works in all circles of life and more so in network marketing. Most of the most successful networking marketers in the world always talk about having a mentor. You should be no different. A mentor will share with you a blue print to success which you would otherwise spend a life time looking for. And probably never get to discover the secret to success. So make your work easy. Get a mentor.

15. Educate Yourself

Network marketing in general calls for a lot of self will and a hard determination to succeed. You need a hard mettle to be able to stay focused even when things don’t seem to be moving at all. To maintain this dodged determination, you need to get an education in self-improvement. You need to train yourself on how to set goals and go after them without quitting. The only way you can do that is to read self-improvement materials. You need to watch motivational videos, listen to motivational audios and read motivational books. Make sure to read at least one motivational book a month or even a week if you can manage. There are so many motivational books by highly successful lives in network marketing and other areas. There are books that have been known to change people’s lives for the better. Find them and read them. Watch a motivational video a day. All this reading tends to influence your mindset to adopt a positive mental attitude to your life and business. In time this works on your drive and motivation to succeed and love for what you do.

16. Advertise Your Business

Any business that does not advertise itself is dead in the water. The same case applies to your crowd1 business. You will not be able to see any growth in your crowd1 business if you don’t advertise your business. In this case you can either advertise the products that you promote with your company or advertise the business opportunity. Fortunately, there are hundreds of methods to advertise your business even for free both online and offline. You can use Facebook MLM groups, Facebook friend requests, and free classified ads, Google ads, paid Facebook ads, solo ads, article writing, blogging, and website Search Engine Optimization. Others are offline methods of advertising crowd1 business including distributing fliers, brochures, branding vehicles, branded t shirts, caps and other gift items, the crowd1 magazine, among others. Make sure you advertise to get a fresh flow of new leads daily.

17. Help Your Team

Network marketing requires a lot of team work to succeed. Your team will be looking up to you to help them in whichever way to get them up and running with their own teams. To be successful in your networking business, you should have a nature to assist your downlines to earn their first dollar in their business. It is when your downlines start to earn money in the business that they will be more motivated to work even harder. So from day 1, make sure that you offer them all type of assistance including buying projectors, transport costs, seminar hall hire fees, banner printing, phone credit etc. The team members should also not use an opportunity to fleece an up line but should also contribute to the costs of business.

18. Talk to People

Crowd1 is a business of talking to people. If you are a network marketer, you will have to talk to people. Networking is a people business and you have to be ready to talk to people. One way I use is to qualify people and engage in a conversation whether in a bus or train or even a restaurant. At this point my aim is to get their telephone numbers only. After getting the telephone number, I will later make a call and talk generalities after that we start talking about out our daily hassles. This is an easy way to introduce the topic of what I do and how much I make and people usually get interested. I will then use that opportunity to share my business.

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