8 Tips to optimize a Twitter Business or Brand Profile

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Twitter is the best social media marketing platform. The constant conversations and the continuous reactions keep everyone in the loop. Here are tips to optimize a Twitter Business or Brand Profile.

Twitter is the best social media marketing platform that outstanding source of social engagement. The more the number of tweets,Guest Posting the stronger is the presence of the concerned user. It helps in reaching out to massive customers and clients out there in the market. Being active on Twitter helps immensely in being visible in the market and among the clients.

Be it any profession or any vertical; twitter keeps everyone interconnected and well-connected. Most of the consumers are Twitter fans. The constant conversations and the continuous reactions keep everyone in the loop as per the concerned niche. However, one needs to have a very robust profile so that you can get visible.

Read along to know some tips to optimize your company's brand through a Twitter handle.

 1. Create Your Twitter Bio Carefully

Your Twitter bio should be less than 160 characters. The shorter it is, the better it is. You can decorate it with excellent yet creative hashtags and keywords. You need to ensure careful usage of hashtags as people tend to click on them. Here, it would be best to maintain useful hashtags to increase your visibility and not drive your competitors' audience.

2. Profile Image should be Adequate

The Twitter profile is incomplete without an image. The audience should know who you are and you're your brand offers. Anonymity does not serve well when it comes to Twitter presence. Easy recognition is the key. The logo of your brand should be catchy and noticeable. You can also use it on other social media handles. You can use your creativity in terms of color, texts, images, and designs. Also, you need to ensure flexibility in terms of formats. 400X400 pixels is the standard size of Twitter.

3. Inclusion of a Header Image

The header image needs to be changed periodically. Its standard size is 1500X1500 pixels and holds more importance than the profile picture. The header image might be considered a magazine cover, which needs to be changed and cannot remain the same.

You can use the following ideas to update your header image:

  • Ideas about trending products
  • Concepts related to a new product
  • Team photo
  • Picture of a book launch
  • Office picture
  • Business events
  • Trade shows

Here, you need to ensure that you do not forget to optimize the images using appropriate keywords and hashtags.

4. Drive the Audience towards a Specific Page on Your Website

You can use your home page link and ideate about specific pages that you wish your Twitter followers must know. You should also connect your brand to the newsroom and other influential people.

You can also offer free guides to your followers and ask them to subscribe and sign up for events, launches, and other things related to your brand.

5. Inclusion of location to your Twitter Profile

Without updating your work/professional location, you cannot expect your business to grow and flourish. The site makes your business all the more authentic and trustworthy.

6. Ensure that the Tweets are public

Ensure that the tweets are in the public domain. Do not hide your tweets. Remember one thing: Twitter and other social media handles are not meant for hiding. The more visible your tweets are, the better it is. Other business people and platforms can locate you only if your tweets are public.

7. Ensure that the Twitter Inbox is open for direct messages

Direct messages are the best way to stay connected. Instead of emailing and waiting for a revert, which is more time consuming, direct messaging saves a lot of time, and you can connect instantly without much ado. You should always check the settings for direct messages and should not close the direct messages setting.

8. Ensure to Pin a Tweet to Your Profile

If your Twitter cover image is like a magazine cover, look at the pinned tweet as your featured story. It would help if you never skipped pinning a Tweet to the top of your profile as it is a valuable optimization feature through which you can present and flaunt your content. However, it would help if you thought well while you pin a tweet. It is to be done through visuals, keywords, hashtags, and blogs. You can always drift your audience to your blog by pasting the respective link on your profile. When anyone visits your Twitter profile for the first time, the first thing which they would notice is your pinned tweet.

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