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The Armani fashion house is one of the main luxury goods groups in the world. The group consists of 4,600 employees and 13 factories.

Giorgio Armani collection was founded in Milan in 1975 by Giorgio Armani - the company's President. Giorgio Armani is the president of the fashion company that bears his own name. That happens not so often when the owner of the company completely controls 100% of his business and is the only shareholder. Giorgio Armani controls every aspect of his company business: from creation to the production. Besides,Guest Posting he controls the distribution of all products. He is the chairman, chief executive and designer of his fashion empire.

The Armani fashion house is one of the main luxury goods groups in the world. The group consists of 4,600 employees and 13 factories. Nowadays, Giorgio Armani brand is famous for its quality and is a leader in the fashion industry on the world arena. Though Armani is the most coveted brand in the world, he has competitors. The competitors of Giorgio Armani Corporation are situated mainly in the Apparel industry. They include: Dolce & Gabbana, Gianni Versace and Hugo Boss.

Italian fashion powerhouse Giorgio Armani is one of the world’s most popular designer brands. Really, Giorgio Armani Fashion Empire is at the top of world brands. Giorgio Armani is the world’s most coveted designer having remarkable power and universal appraisal of his luxury fashion house. People adore Giorgio Armani goods and accessories and they would buy Giorgio Armani if the money is not a problem. There are those who already purchase Giorgio Armani and those who would like to buy the goods in future if they have money.

The secret of Giorgio Armani’s success is in the strong brand idea that makes his business stable and profitable. 35 years ago Giorgio Armani knew that creating the image of the products would be paramount to his success. He does not just sell goods, he sells brand and image and people are ready to pay even the highest price for it. The image embodies the characteristic features and customers wish to be associated with them. Giorgio Armani label has the major style and values. People know that Armani goods can be worn several seasons or even years and still it will be a fashionable thing. Consumers buy not only goods but the “brand’s timelessness”. Italians place Armani among the most popular and desirable fashion brands at present and in the future.

In 2005 Armani Company has noticed a rise in the turnover that resulted mainly from store openings. The return has increase to 8% of the whole revenue. The growth was noticed mainly in Japan and USA. It is necessary to mention that perfumes and cosmetics have increased significantly at this period. Armani believes that cosmetics and accessories present the biggest growth potential in the future and the expansion of these sectors must be developed. Giorgio Armani is often asked about the future of his company. He believes the popularity and the company’s turnover rise speaks for itself.

Recently Giorgio Armani Cosmetics has been increased in sales. The aim of Giorgio Armani is to widen his positions at the world’s arena, look at propositions of retailers and expand. The expansion will take place in USA, Italy and France with opening new doors and perfumeries.

Giorgio Armani is one of the world’s largest fashion companies, having presence in about 125 countries. Originally, this luxury company focused on one brand. Later on it widened the line of products to other business segments such as cosmetics. Nowadays, one can buy Armani beauty products in stores worldwide. Despite the growth and expansion of Giorgio Armani Empire, people wonder what will happen to his fashion house after his retirement. Really, Armani plans to sell his business completely but only when he finds a person who understands the significance of this business. Besides, the business must be left in its current state. Till then he wants to continue his work. He thinks he has enough strength to go on.

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