How to earn more with phone manners and the power of belief

May 9


Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.

Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.

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This article was ... written to teach my members how to get ISP clients, but you can use it for almost any business that you are in. ...


This article was orginally written to teach my
members how to get ISP clients,How to earn more with phone manners and the power of belief Articles but you can use
it for almost any business that you are in.


How do you sound on the phone, are you

1. Clear
2. Concise
3. Happy
4. Enthusiastic
5. Listening
6. Informed
7. Confident

or are you

1. Mumbling
2. Slurring words
3. Speaking too quietly
4. Depressed
5. Don't listen
6. Don't believe

Let me tell you, that you can make the sale in your
first word,


Depending on what you have behind that can make a
big difference on how you affect the person on the
other end of the phone line.

When I was on the phone full time, I waited for
the answer, and then enthusiastically I would


When I was in a new phone room, (before I started
my own business), the other saleperson thought
this was funny and would laugh at me.

But they did not laugh at the money I made.

No matter which phone room I walked into, I was
always the top salesperson, by usually 2 times
as much volume as the next top salespersn.

When I could get all the conditions right,
the belief in my mind, that I was doing good
things for people on the other end of the phone,
that I deserved good things for myself,
that I was happy, enthusiastic, and confident,
no one would turn me down!!

Now it is hard to keep in this mind set all the
time, and it does take a lot of work to get there,
but overall it makes you a better salesperson
all the time.

But on those times when you can put it all
together, no one can say no to you!!

It is not mind control, it is contagious
enthusiasim! People sub consciously understand
your motives, and if your motive is to "get them"
they will not buy from you without extreme pressure.

But if people pick up that you are calling with
pure intentions and motivation to help them, they
just can't turn you down.

There were days that I would be so attuned to
what I was doing, or what sports athletes say,
"In the Zone", that I would not notice what
was going on around me in the room, all I knew
was the person on the other end of the phone.

I remember one day in particular, that about 200
leads were given to me that just had been called
by other salepersons in the room.

I did not know this, nor did I care. I think
someone was trying to play a joke on me, to see
if they could bring me down a notch.

But I called the first one, Hi!! I said, and then
I pause, and LISTEN.

I explained the offer, and they purchased. Joe behind
me had just talked to this person, and they said
they were not interested.

As I kept calling the leads, they kept telling me
that someone had just called them. But I knew the
person that just called did not care about them
as I did. So they purchased again.

And the next Hi!! and the next Hi!! all purchased.

I made 35 sales in a row, with no turn downs.

I then looked up to see the entire staff of
about 20 telemarketers gathered around me
just starring.

They asked me how I did it, and I said,
you just believe and they buy. Of course
that answer was to simple for them, and
they continued with their disbelief.

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe you are doing
something good for people?

Do you believe you want to
help the person on the other line,

Do you believe that you are doing
the best thing possible for them?

Do you believe?

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