How to reach more women entrepreneurs

Jun 7


Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson

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If your target is female entrepreneurs, that is great news.

Why do I say this? Because they are an easy group to find! If this group is your ideal client,How to reach more women entrepreneurs Articles I’m going to share a variety of methods to help you reach women business owners.
1. Visit Women’s Associations
In general, entrepreneurs like to gather and so do women. That’s two strong reasons why women entrepreneurs are an easy group to find. There are so many associations! For example, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), eWomenNetwork, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) to name just a few. And new organizations are cropping up practically every day. Check out the groups in your area and attend a variety of meetings to see which ones will serve you best.
2. Become a Regular Fixture
After you attend a range of events and choose the ones offering you the most potential ideal clients, it’s time to become a regular fixture. You want to be seen and be known there. To strengthen the relationship with the groups you select, you can do any or all of the following:
- Sponsor special events- Speak to the groups- Become a board member
3. Speak to Other Women’s Groups
You can’t attend every women’s networking event because there are just too many of them. But to reach more of your ideal target, you can speak to groups where you are not an active member. 
As you know, I often talk about how speaking to prospects is a great way to build the know-like-trust factor. It also gives people a firsthand experience of who you are and the type of expertise you share.
4. Hold Seminars that Appeal to Women Business Owners
Choose topics that you know will appeal to your target audience. Women love to learn, which is demonstrated by the fact that they purchase 75% of all self-help books. You may have to adjust the event titles and topics until you get it just right, but that’s part of the marketing process.
Holding your own events allows you to establish yourself up as an expert and the problem solver women business owners need.
Your Client Attraction Assignment
Is your target women entrepreneurs? If you answer yes, I recommend that you take some time to think about how to further identify them. The clearer you get about your ideal clients, the easier it will be to find them. You might want to qualify them further with these additional characteristics such as:
- Income- Geographic area- Business type- Years in business- Number of employees- Problems that need solving