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Email newsletter publishers receive loads of questions,especially from newcomers to the web. As publishers, ourever growing subscriber lists result in an endless stream ofinquiries.

And we love it! After all,Guest Posting every question we receive is anopportunity. It is a chance to help out fellow Internetmarketers and in the process, further develop our expertiseand reputation as an expert.

But each inquiry is something much more than that. It isalso an opportunity to sell a solution. These solutions canbe in the form of instruction, a software solution or maybeeven an opportunity.

And most of us ezine publishers have our replies down to ascience. Of all the ezine publishers I've asked, everyeffective one processes each new inquiry in a similarfashion. We field so many messages each week that we have tohave a reply system down pat, or we'd be buried in email!

Here's a quick flow chart most of us publishers use whenreplying to inquiries...

First, we reply quickly and personally, then...

1. Offer any free help we have available on the subject2. Suggest one of our proprietary solutions3. Suggest a solution we've plugged into our site4. Send them to a 3rd party website if necessary

Now, it's important to realize that we've been throughliterally thousands of messages. This means we've developedsome great solutions to almost every inquiry.

For instance, lets look a three popular questions everyezine publisher has faced at one time or another. Along witheach question you'll see the action the publisher took tosecure a new, long term income stream...

Inquiry #1: What software did you use to build your website?

This is one you'll come across quite often. And it turnedinto a gold mine for one publisher I know. (She preferred toremain nameless.) She's one of the best webmaster's I'veseen and her site is amazingly sharp, fast-loading andprofessional. As inquiries began growing she would tellfolks how she built the site and the tools she used. Butsmart marketer that she is, she decided to use this as anopportunity to grow her income.

She emailed the companies who created the software she usedto build her site. She got them to look at her site bytelling them it was done with their software, and they tooloved it. Then she told them she was receiving a growingnumber of inquiries from other webmasters and would beinterested in offering their design tools at her site. Aftera little finagling, she was able to offer their software ata discounted price.

Now, every email enquiry she receives about the design ofher site gets met with a pre-formatted email reply. It takesher all of 10 seconds to reply by pasting the message in andpersonalizing it, and nearly every webmaster tries the freedemo programs then goes on to order the software at herspecial discount price.

Her next step was to set up small buttons at her site thatsay "Do you like this site? Click here for a free demo ofthe software I used." Her autoresponders now do the rest ofthe email work. Pretty slick way to generate income fromsimple email inquiries eh?

So how would you reply to that question if you were askedtoday?

Inquiry #2: Which affiliate programs work best for you?

Here's one you'll undoubtedly see a lot. Wise marketers knowthat in order to make money as an affiliate they need tofirst join the right programs. Why not go right to the folkswho see it all? That's right, ezine publishers.

And this question can present a great opportunity for ANYmarketer. Why not set up a web page at your site that sharesthe results you are achieving with the affiliate programsyou've joined. Not only is this a great way to help fellowmarketers, it can help you as well. If there is a 2nd tierto any of the affiliate programs you're in, you can offer tohelp these folks if they join under you.

Contrary to popular belief, signing up other resellers intotwo-tier programs CAN be profitable. How do I know?

One program I promote has reached $1000 a month on thesecond tier alone. And it's all because I've done exactlywhat I described above. You just can't beat automatic incomelike this. Once you've brought the 2nd tier affiliates inand showed them how to work it, the money you earn iseffortless. And all they did was ask you what programs areworking for you.

But how would you reply to that question if you were askedtoday?

Inquiry #3: Who do you use for web hosting?

This is another question you'll see quite often, and it'sthe simplest one to answer. But rather than just tell themwho you use, why not sign up as a reseller for the webhosting company first. Then you'll be able to send folks toyour reseller page and start growing a residual income.

If your web host does not offer a reseller program, work outa deal with them. Most will be receptive to paying apercentage to you as a referral fee. Just be sure to workout a deal where you earn a monthly residual and NOT aone-time referral commission like some hosts pay. There'smuch more money in monthly commissions and every time yourefer a new customer your own income will grow.

For those of you who think this may not be worth the effort,think again. I've managed to grow monthly residuals from onemajor web hosting company to the tune of $4,000 a month. Nowthat's not bad for simply answering that question each timeit comes along.

How would you reply to that question if you were askedtoday?

In closing...

All online marketers can and should take a lesson from ezinepublishers. After all, if your website is set upeffectively, you'll be receiving an ever-growing number ofinquiries from your site too. And exactly how you handlethem can make or break the future of your business.

Take a look at the questions you've received so far. Ifyou're just getting started, consider what questions yourvisitors MIGHT ask. Then think about how you will answerthem. If you can plug an income stream into your answer,why no do it? After all, you'd be helping your visitors byoffering an answer AND a solution. And that's a great way togrow long-term profits at ANY site.

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