Responding to Queries: A Guide for Email Newsletter Publishers

Jan 1


Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels

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The world of email newsletter publishing is filled with countless questions, particularly from those who are new to the online sphere. As publishers, our ever-expanding subscriber lists lead to a continuous flow of inquiries. This article will delve into how to effectively respond to these inquiries, turning them into opportunities for growth and profit.

The Power of Inquiries

We,Responding to Queries: A Guide for Email Newsletter Publishers Articles as publishers, relish these inquiries. Each question we receive is a golden opportunity. It allows us to assist fellow internet marketers and, in doing so, enhance our expertise and reputation in the field.

However, each inquiry is more than just a chance to help. It's also an opportunity to sell a solution. These solutions can range from instructions, software solutions, or even opportunities.

The Art of Responding

Most successful ezine publishers have a systematic approach to responding to inquiries. Given the volume of messages we receive each week, having a streamlined response system is crucial to avoid being overwhelmed by emails.

Here's a typical process most publishers follow when responding to inquiries:

  • Respond quickly and personally
  • Offer any free help available on the subject
  • Suggest one of our proprietary solutions
  • Suggest a solution we've integrated into our site
  • Direct them to a third-party website if necessary

Having dealt with thousands of messages, we've developed effective solutions to almost every inquiry.

Case Studies: Turning Inquiries into Income Streams

Let's examine three common questions every ezine publisher has encountered and how they were turned into long-term income streams.

Inquiry 1: What software did you use to build your website?

This is a frequent question. One publisher turned this into a lucrative opportunity. She contacted the companies whose software she used to build her site, and after some negotiation, she was able to offer their software at a discounted price on her site. Now, every inquiry about her site's design is met with a pre-formatted email reply, leading to potential software sales.

Inquiry 2: Which affiliate programs work best for you?

This question is also common. Savvy marketers know that choosing the right affiliate programs is key to making money. Why not share your experiences with the affiliate programs you've joined? This not only helps fellow marketers but can also benefit you if there's a second tier to any of the affiliate programs you're in.

Inquiry 3: Who do you use for web hosting?

This is another frequent question. Instead of just providing the name of your web host, why not sign up as a reseller for the web hosting company first? This way, you can direct people to your reseller page and start earning a residual income.


All online marketers can learn from ezine publishers. How you handle inquiries can significantly impact your business's future. Consider the questions you've received so far or might receive, and think about how you will answer them. If you can incorporate an income stream into your answer, why not do it? It's a win-win situation: you're helping your visitors by offering an answer and a solution, and it's a great way to grow long-term profits.