Increasing luxury and grandeur, a prerequisite for the modern commercial spaces

Jan 29




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This article takes us to the commercial properties having blend of luxury and grandeur with all modern facilites inculcated within


Looking at the condition of the upcoming commercial properties in most of the metro cities,Increasing luxury and grandeur, a prerequisite for the modern commercial spaces Articles it is hard to find anything new or unique. Most of the commercial buildings as well as the property dealers are keen on giving out work spaces bland and monotonous. Rarely do we find a touch of significance or something that catches the eye. In such a monochrome scene, the Art Guild House by the Phoenix Group has come as a splash of bright colors, a whiff of fresh air and a stepping stone for a revolution in the real estate sector.

Being a commercial property for lavish offices, showrooms and business spaces amidst the Phoenix Market City at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai, the Art Guild House is a name that evokes curiosity. The six floor complex with two basement parking displays off as a 200 meter long footprint which is surrounded by open spaces. Designed with spacious lobbies, lavish office spaces, multiple atria and energy efficient GREEN technology, the Art Guild House has an exclusive facet that no other commercial complex in the country can boast of. The art galleries that completely occupy one floor and the lobbies on the other levels that are adorned with selected and hand- picked pieces of art. The Art Guild House, since its launch in the year 2014 has been the talk of the elite circles and a favorite topic of art lovers of the city. Completed in June 2015, the complex is no less than a wonder among the commercial office spaces of the city.

Located in the central suburbs and amidst the fastest growing commercial hub in Mumbai, the Art Guild House has much to offer to the businesses that are planning to make it their next address. With property rates rocketing sky high, there is 100% guaranteed appreciation in the property rates. Also getting a commercial property on rent in the AGH or even in its vicinity is a tedious task, but due to such projects, businessmen now have a lot of options to avail the best suited properties for their business. Also, being easily accessible from all locations in Mumbai, the businesses would get an added benefit f being at s reachable location for their customers. The elegance and grandeur of the building and its in house art gallery definitely attracts crowd of the niche class of public in Mumbai and this class obviously serves as the best customer base for any business, thus keeping the standard quotient of the complex at an all- time high.

The Art Guild House, serving more than one purpose is definitely what one can call as a prominent landmark in the journey of the Phoenix group. The other prominent achievements including the Palladium, the Phoenix market city and the Phoenix Paragon Plaza had already made the public set high expectations from the group which the architect Sinora Penkar has quite beautifully given justice to. An architectural marvel as such, the Art Guild House is the first of its kind with many more complexes of similar stature to follow.