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An in-depth look at the Infinity 100 business opportunity from insider Jon Mroz.  Get the facts without the hype before you join.

What is Infinity 100 & is it right for you?Infinity 100 is an extension of Infinity Downline,Guest Posting an extremely lucrative & popular business opportunity.  Within its first year, Infinity Downline grew to over 50,000 members worldwide.  Owner Peter Wolfing decided to expand on the idea, allowing members the chance to quadruple their profits while being linked to the same program.  I’ve got to give it to Peter…the plan was brilliant…and it works.  But this review isn’t meant to give you nothing but hype.  We’ll take a look at the benefits as well as the downfalls, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not Infinity 100 is right for you.Infinity 100 Highlights:You can read the Infinity 100 sales letter all day, but until you actually get the facts from someone you trust who has experienced it for themselves, it’s hard to be serious about it.  This is my honest, insider review of Infinity 100.  The following is what drew me to the program:•    Low cost makes it perfect for anyone who wants to start a home based business with little money.•    Perfect for marketers who are searching for an additional easy income stream.•    The moment you join, a personalized website is designed and ready for business.•    Easy to follow, step by step video training (both pre-recorded & live) is provided to help promote the business.•    Provides an excellent stepping stone for motivated entrepreneurs to expand to other areas of marketing.•    Market research on what to sell and promote isn’t necessary, as the niche for Infinity 100 has already been chosen.•    While some use Infinity 100 to earn a little extra spending money, others use it to earn a six figure annual income.  Infinity 100 provides the potential for massive residual income.•    Works on a system of duplication:  if one person is able to succeed, then others can do the same to recreate their success.•    Excellent customer support & help desk, ready at all times to help you with any matter.•    Infinity 100 has NO ADMIN FEES EVER.•    Unheard of in The Internet Marketing Industry, you break even on the first sale!  100% money back on the first person you sign up means everything afterwards is profit.•    Detailed website and top notch customer support does all the telling and selling for you.  Questions?  Take a look at the FAQ page.•    Overview calls are provided to your prospects to explain the system.  If you haven’t already, you should definitely check one of these out.Infinity 100 Drawbacks:Here’s what the sales letter won’t tell you.Again, this is a review, so I’m not going to give you the pros without the cons.  As with most internet opportunities, there is some information that somehow gets left out.  Often times, this information is conveniently left out by people looking to make a quick buck from you.  This is not how I do business.  I believe in providing prospects with all the info up front, so they are able to make an informed decision on whether or not an opportunity is right for them.  In my opinion, this provides them a much higher chance for success, which helps both partners build a long-term, profitable business relationship.  That is why this review stands apart from the others.•    Once you have paid the $100 to get started, you will encounter a few optional expenses recommended by Peter Wolfing.  These include purchasing a web domain and hosting account for a personalized web site, purchasing daily leads to promote your business, and using post card marketing and phone broadcasting.  Again, these expenses are completely optional.  Because there is no admin fee, this is how Infinity 100 makes money.  When and how much you want to invest into growing your business is up to you.•    Like any other business, success is not 100% guaranteed.  There is hype all over the internet about “join this company and make zillions of dollars”.  If you encounter this, please, call it what it is, a scam, and run away…fast.  Not everyone will make money with Infinity 100.  Have you found a business with a guaranteed 100% success rate?  I didn’t think so.•    While extremely valuable, the training provided to you by Infinity 100 will only get you so far.  You will have to search elsewhere for other training & education that will be vital to your success in internet marketing (such as attraction marketing and search engine optimization).Hint Hint:  My Exclusive Infinity 100 Mentors Team Training and Resource SitePartnering with the most innovative & fastest growing team of marketers in the company will lead you to the real bonuses.  Complete training consisting of step-by-step video tutorials, websites, custom capture pages, and marketing campaigns paired with a strong team of leaders will set you straight on the road to success.  Do you want to reach that 5 figure monthly income, or simply be an affiliate of Infinity 100?  Joining the Infinity 100 Extreme Team could be the difference between the two.Review the Infinity 100 opportunity in its entirety, so that you can make an informed, educated business decision as to whether or not it is the right choice for you.For a complete review of the Infinity 100 business opportunity and to see what The Extreme Team can do for you, check out:

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