Life as an Island Marketer

May 21


Nicholas Dixon

Nicholas Dixon

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For some time now I have been an island marketer and the ... been worth every moment. When I first ... the Net, allI used to do was read my emails and ... I realized that the net ha


For some time now I have been an island marketer and the journey
as been worth every moment. When I first discovered the Net,Life as an Island Marketer Articles all
I used to do was read my emails and surf.

Then I realized that the net had more than that to offer to me.
There are opportunities being thrown all around at you from all
angles as soon as you log on.

Schemers, scammers and legitimate marketers are all clamoring for
your attention and money. Make $10,000 in 30 days claims, emails
from relatives of dead African leaders, various affiliate programs and
many more are all common anywhere you go.

I used to believe all the hype surrounding becoming wealthy off
the Net, but time and experience all changed that. It is possible
to make money on the internet, but you better be prepared for
the long haul. It takes time to become an overnight success, well
that is what I heard and it is so true.

I think some of the hype online is true indeed. I have heard of
marketers making thousands of dollars in a few days without much
effort. This is where so many people go astray. They believe that
they can do the same starting today and have money lining their
pockets by next week.

But the truth is the hype is only half true. What they fail to
Tell you is that yes it can be accomplished, it just takes a lot of
work and discipline to reach that level. Most marketers work for years
before they achieve what the hypers are preaching.

But don’t go beating yourself. It is all part of our human nature
and many persons suffer from this weakness. Many want to achieve
success and live a dream life, but when it comes down to working
for it they want to skip out that part.

Every successful person deserves to be where they are because
They worked for what they wanted. They craved success like any human
being, but the difference is that they all put their shoulders to
the wheel.

In other words, they believe that grime pays. To start, much less
run and maintain a business takes guts and a strong belief in
one’s abilities and talents. In the long run, it is all worth it

I would rather work for several years without accomplishing much
and knowing that sooner or later it will all payoff many times
over. Or I could just ride the currents of life and hope that
fortune falls on me from the sky.

If you had the choice which would you choose?

Copyright © Nicholas Dixon

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