Lotto’s Losses Brought By Li Ning

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As the CEO of Li Ning sports company,Guest Posting Zhang Zhiyong may be the most outstanding chief recruiter but not the most experienced detector of talented personnel

In the end of June, the general manager of ministry of personnel in Lotto - Wu Xianyong resigned after CMO Fang Shiwei  and COO Guo Jianxin who are among the most significant leaders in Li Ning. Before Wu chose Li Ning, he worked in P&G, but as soon as he came to Li Ning he won the recognition of Zhang Zhiyong, then took over the shoes system and the new brand of Lotto. But unexpectedly Wu failed to realize the target of extricating Lotto from dilemma.

Examples like this can be found from Yue Shuyu a few years ago to today's Fang Shiwei and Wu Xianyong, it seems that Zhang tends to appreciate those who possess brilliant resume and excellent speech-craft ability, he believes that he will find nimble persons in this way. But things do not always go with us, the person you think highly of may be trapped in the assignment of being transferred to other branches or sharing responsibility with other members, or, be fired in the end.

In the beginning, Zhang Zhiyong hoped that Lotto could parallel with Kappa by its new breakthrough, to made this come true, it only took three months for Lotto to be put in market from the design conception. But it turned to be a predicament that Zhang went to the wrong direction in which Lotto could only backed down to copy kappa's inspiration since Kappa had already been the apples in the eyes of youth today for its trendiness in this newly updated society nowadays. Lacking the thorough consideration of its brand exploit, much of the Italian origin and the elements and committal fail to perfect the products in domestic firms.

Determined to give up copying the designing conception of Kappa, the Lotto Designing Group reposition their reference to the French brands of Alligator and Le Coq Sportif aiming at creating a calm-color and beautiful pattern style for the buyer of 30 years old. Wu still did not make it clear which way does Lotto choose, and the products were not fashionable enough nor do they shown any improvements now. The unforeseen perishing situation finally resulted in the real buyers of Lotto are those "coquettish men of the age of 40. An employee even said that before the batch of goods were going onto the shelves, they were doomed to stock up, I may buy the clothes in Lotto for my farther but not my boyfriend.

In the year of 2008, Lotto had a deficit of 124 billion Yuan, 769 billion Yuan in 2009, and 112 million Yuan in 2010, the successive three years of disastrous loss is added up to more than 200,000,000 Yuan debts. And this undoubtedly put an end to Wu Xianyong's career in Li Ning, who was once believed by personnel resources system as one of the successors of Zhang Zhiyong.

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