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Mobile Phones are personal and most direct media channels in marketplace. As the number of mobile phone users in each country including developed, semi-developed and back-word countries also, Mobile Market is experiencing triple digit growth each year.

In most countries peoples do have more than one mobile or cell phones with them. Peoples are addicted to the mobile phones as they do read or check their inbox for new SMS at every 15 minutes while some peoples do play mobile games very often and some do surf internet. At mobile marketing at least 80-90% target will see your SMS AD. There many different ways and tactics of mobile marketing which are being used by marketers nowadays to promote their various products and brands. SMS Marketing is most commonly used medium for marketing while some do use Voice Marketing,Guest Posting Marketing via Mobile Games, Mobile Music and Videos, Social Media and Mobile Application. Mobile Applications are also becoming popular nowadays and application creators are earning good money with their applications. Most of them do offer their application for free because they do earn money through ADs on their application. Mobile Marketing is one of the low cost and effective tool for internet, affiliate marketers and product owners. It is important to understand mobile’s role in the marketing mix. It certainly won’t supplant ecommerce or the wired Web. It won’t take away from print, TV or radio’s branding strengths and it won’t compete with the mailer, inserts, catalog or email. A survey done by shows that smartphone users are very receptive to mobile coupons.  The fact that over 1 in 5 smartphone users would be interested in these top 5 concepts is very promising for the mobile marketing industry. With the help of mobile marketing organizers can engage and communicate with their audience more effectively and interactively. With the help of mobile phones peoples are connected to world and each other 24/7 hrs as there is no need to log on internet to surf around or to roam market for shopping because these activities you can do with the help of mobile phones nowadays. Mobile phone applications based on facebook, twitter and other popular social media networks do offer advertisers various innovative ways to reach out their customers and give them access to their brand from anywhere in the world at any time. Consumers are already interactively using mobile Internet to find out their favorite brand-able products. A marketer’s dream is to engage in meaningful two way conversations with the customers who are truly interested in their brand and mobile phones gives you that direct line of communication very often.
     As per reports U.S. mobile advertising spending will grow from $322 million last year to $418 million this year. In year 2013 it will grow stupendously to more than $1.5 billion. Due to this all facts internet marketers are launching various mobile marketing products in market which enable you to advertise your products and brands effectively through mobile marketing and help you increase your sales. One of them is Mobile Money Machines which helps you create mobile squeeze pages compatible with mobile platform. Mobile optimized squeeze pages help you earn money by capturing leads for you which over time convert to sale. Squeeze pages do have opt in form and as soon as potential customer do sign up opt in form and fills his information he will be directed to your product sales page. Mobile optimized squeeze pages generated by Mobile Money Machines application are professional and do have higher conversion rate. Due to which it acts like autopilot for your online business.

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