PPV Marketing Guide

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Find out how you can use PPV advertising to quickly make sales, build a list and more in this PPV marketing guide.

This PPV marketing guide shares the needed information to begin your advertising efforts using PPV.

"Sponsored links" of Google,PPV Marketing Guide Articles Yahoo and MSN are well known by many online users. For Google, this is more commonly known as AdWords. This is known as PPC or pay-per-click advertising and this is how sponsored links work on most search engines.

Of course, advertising isn't just limited to the search engines and through pay-per-click. Another form of advertising is known as PPV or pay-per-view.

With Pay-Per-Click advertising, each time a user clicks on a "sponsored link" the advertiser pays the search engine. The cost for clicking each "sponsored link" depends on what the keyword is. Furthermore, there is a bidding component to PPC advertising depending on how popular, or broad a particular keyword is.

PPV advertising on the other hand incurs costs to the advertiser for the number of times the advertisement is shown.

Quick PPV Marketing Guide Summary

PPV traffic has its source in the Adware networks. Adware is often mistaken for spyware which is not the case at all. Spyware is installed without user consent on a computer and is illegal. Adware, on the other hand, is legal and is installed when a user elects to install another piece of software.

An AdWare client may be installed on a user's computer alongside a computer game. Perhaps a condition of installing and playing an online game is to view sponsored ads and websites. AdWare traffic is legal and is used by many millions of people online.

PPV - How Does It Work?

When a user visits a particular website or searches for a particular keyword, the ad software will trigger and will show the user a web page. Any pop ups or pop unders are the web advertisement on the adware networks.

Each time the advertisement pops up, the advertiser is charged. Unlike PPC advertising where the advertisers pay each time a user clicks on the ad, PPV advertising will charge the advertiser each time the web page is shown.

PPV Advertising

In PPC advertising you choose where you will be showing your ads. With PPC advertising, some examples of advertising networks are Google and Yahoo/MSN. In much the same way, for PPV advertsing, an advertiser chooses a network on which to advertise.

Online, there are many PPV networks that you can advertise at. This PPV marketing guide shares a few right here.

* TrafficVance - TrafficVance is a popular network and has good demographic data of its subscribers and user base. This one is probably the hardest to get into if you are just beginning your advertising.

* MediaTraffic - This is another popular network.

* AdOn Network - A third choice.

You can begin your PPV marketing and advertising with these 3 networks in mind.

PPV Advertising - Useful?

In both PPV advertising and PPC advertising, advertisers bid on keywords. If a keyword is popular, then the bid to be first is higher; thus you are spending more by guaranteeing a high placement.

Using PPV, you, the advertiser, can choose to bid on URLs in addtion to keywords. URLs are now "keywords" and allow you to expand your advertising options.

Advertisers using PPV pay as little as $0.017 (only 1.7 cents!) per page view. Pay-per-click advertising is not as cheap as PPV advertising.

PPV ads interrupt the user's normal browsing experience and will result in significantly lower click-through rates than PPC advertising.

How Do I Start With PPV?

This PPV marketing guide suggests the following steps for your advertising:

1. Begin by opening an account with one PPV network.
2. Download and install the adware program on your computer for that network.
3. Visit other websites and just browse online.
4. Your keyword research should intensify.

That's the quickest way to get started!

Any Other Suggestions?

Selling product and getting a great ROI is the purpose of advertising. PPV traffic is different from PPC traffic. Don't forget your research, testing and re-testing of your traffic sources.

The critical component of PPV and PPC success is keyword research. The greater your keyword research investment, the greater your advertising return on investment.

Good luck with your advertising. If you need any more PPV marketing guide suggestions, you are welcome to visit http://iamarenegademarketer.com and check out Thushyanthan's MLM and Direct Marketing Blog at http://www.thushyanthan.com