The 10 Ways to Find The Perfect Niche-Relevant Influencers

Apr 16


Bhagyashree Deshmukh

Bhagyashree Deshmukh

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Finding an influencer can be extremely difficult, but we hope that through these tips your way has been cleared. The ultimate tip is to keep a stable goal in your mind while planning out every single detail related to influencer marketing. And make sure that you give them some benefits too! We hope that your journey to find a niche-perfect influencer gets fulfilled. Check out our other blogs for tips and top 10s for influencer marketing! 



Having good knowledge about how to find influencer reduces almost half the issue faced in influencer marketing. It is more difficult to find influencers in a particular niche who can help you get in front of your target audience and help you do other important aspects such as driving traffic to your website,The 10 Ways to Find The Perfect Niche-Relevant Influencers    Articles build brand awareness, and increase sales. 

For getting to know more about influencer marketing and to improve your understanding, you can visit confluencr. But the point is you are surrounded by influencers and this makes it very difficult to look for the ‘Right’ influencer. Given below are a few tips to ensure that you find the right influencer in your own niche.

1. Establishing the Business’s Goals

Knowing your goals will help you to search for the 'right' influencer, those who can engage with the audience and help you increase your reach. A business may have varied goals such as brand awareness, audience building, link building etc. Clearly communicating your goals will help you to have an idea about what to expect from the influencer and to give a clear shape to the marketing campaign. 

2. Know The Right Type of Influencer Campaign You Want to Run.

With the establishment of goals and having a clear idea about the influencer marketing plan, it is important to consider the type of campaign that will help you to connect best with the influencers. 

There are various types of campaigns to opt for, out of which few are:

  • Barter basis: Here the brands gift the influencers their products or services in exchange for mentions, posts, etc.
  • Influencer takeover: Where an influencer takes over a business’s social media account for a certain amount of time
  • Sponsored content: Here the influencer is paid for sharing or creating a brand’s content.


Having a clear idea about the campaign helps the brand to find the 'Right' influencers.


3. Finding Influencers Who are Related to Your Industry.

To find niche-relevant influencers for business, the best place to look for is in your own industry. Influencers from outside the industry may have difficulty if he/she doesn’t have an idea about your stream of work. Having a complete understanding of the industry and your business will help reach the target audience. Tools such as Google Alert helps to find influencers by notifying about all new updates such as writeups on an important topic and related functions.

4. Personality 

It is important for the brand to find influencers whose personality and style align with the message that the brand is trying to convey. The personality of the influencer can be determined through aspects such as the language and quality of caption and posts etc. This synchronization of your vision and the personality of the influencer is very necessary for better engagement with the audience. For example, economists’ is not an ideal personality to perform marketing activity for the comedy industry and vice versa.  

5. Find Influencers Who Share Your Audience.

Sometimes influencers may not be from the same industry but still serve the purpose of engaging the audience. So it becomes necessary to see if the influencers share the same audience whom the firm is targetting. Hence irrespective of the influencer being from the same industry or not, the audience aspect is more important and conducting analysis for a complete understanding will help choose the best influencer for the brand.

6. Understand The Authority Of The Influencer.

It is important that you as a business establish the authority of the influencer and have a clear understanding between you and the influencer about how much decision-making power the influencer has. For example, some businesses would want to administer the influencer’s content and may guide regarding the same. Whereas some would give complete liberty to the influencer to take the decision. Therefore based on how much liberty you are ready to give, you should look for an influencer. After all, meeting your mind is an important factor to decide who can be the “Right” influencer. Few factors which will help establish the authority are Quality of content, engagement etc.

7. Find Influencers Who Know Your Business

One important aspect of finding an influencer is to find one who knows the business. If the influencer knows what you do, they can easily create content that will favour you. Influencers who know about the business ideas are easier to convince and will help the influencer to persuade a larger crowd and in turn helping the business to achieve their goal. So, go in search of influencers who make content on topics related to your business.

8. Hashtag Searches 

Searching with a hashtag is a great way to find social media influencers. Under this method, you can find all those influencers who do not follow you but talk about your brand. Using Hashtags also helps to find influencers in the niche that you are looking for. A simple hashtag search on google can expose the business to various people who talk about the business and hence make it easy to find the "right" influencer.

9. Using Various Tools To Find Influencers.

It is not necessary to manually search for the influencers as there are various tools which help the business in finding the top influencer for the marketing campaign. Few of the various tools by some of the best influencer marketing agencies which help in finding influencers are, Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool, Alexa's audience interest tool etc.

10. The Finishing Touches

When looking for an influencer, it is necessary to keep in mind that there has to be something for the influencer as well. Hence it is necessary to think about the incentive that can be offered to influencers which leads to mutual benefit and the leave no scope for future misunderstanding or conflict.



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