Things you will need in a lifecycle marketing agency

May 12


Bruce Markey

Bruce Markey

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Thinking about getting into lifecycle marketing? Here are a few things to look for in any potential lifecycle marketing agency.


Lifecycle marketing is the best new way to turn the curious into customers. But it isn’t something that just happens. That is why many companies are reaching out to dedicated lifecycle marketing agencies to help them craft great campaigns. Here are a few things to look for when searching for a lifecycle marketing agency,Things you will need in a lifecycle marketing agency Articles and how they can help your business succeed.

A Great Relationship

All relationships between companies and marketing agencies are just that: relationships. They work best with open communication, understanding, and a willingness to defer to the other’s expertise. When you are looking for a lifecycle marketing agency, think about what working with them will be like. Rather than settling for a company that does good work, look for an agency that will collaborate with you to make something that works and is uniquely you.

Proven Experience

Great marketing doesn't come from nowhere. It comes from experience and understanding. While there are plenty of young marketing companies out there, it always pays to go with a company that has a wide breadth of experience. That means choosing a lifecycle marketing agency that has a lot of campaigns under their belt, maybe even in your given industry. Always look at previous work of any client and think about how that success could be applied to your company as well.

A Love of Data

Lifecycle marketing, like all great marketing, starts and ends with data. In today’s world, we have more access to more data than ever before, and that means we can make better insights and craft better plans when we use it right. Any potential lifecycle marketing agency should prove what they can do for you, not just through great graphics, but also with numbers to back up what they did and why. And that data should create plans that can adapt to change rather than remain static throughout.

Research into What Makes You Unique

While lifecycle marketing is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, it is almost intrinsically unique. You simply cannot cookie-cutter a lifecycle marketing approach, despite what some agencies will tell you. When you look to partner with a lifecycle marketing agency, be sure to see what they say they can do for you that’s unique to your business or industry. You wouldn’t care about Twitch, for example, if you are selling Posturepedic mattresses, so why should your potential agency try and shoehorn your company into something they did previously? Experience is important, but any potential lifecycle marketing agency should prove to you that they have thought about how you can succeed, not just companies like yours.

Lifecycle marketing is the next big thing, a way to create and maintain connections with customers through multiple platforms and ecosystems. It’s about making an impression right away and staying top of mind long after they’ve made a purchase. It requires data, experience, and a mutual understanding between business and agency. That is why you should always do your research when looking for a lifecycle marketing agency.