Top 6 UI/UX Design Trends for 2020

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In this post we discuss some of the latest UI/UX design trends of this year 2020

We live in a tech world where everything is influenced. Where design trends are improvising every year. Designers should always be aware of the latest trends. And every time they should deep learn to improve their design toolkit constantly to get updated in the market.

UX and UI both are equally important. UX provides a better user experience where UI design is the graphical representation of a mobile app that a person may interact with.

UI/UX design is a major part of mobile app development. Both UI/UX gain customer satisfaction that helps to increase the use of mobile apps.


For better user experience animation is an important part of UI/UX consulting services. Animated stuff and services can deliver a lot of data into people's minds within a fraction of second.

Mobile app designers are being innovative in animation because the industry is blooming now. The animation is a major part of branding. Where animation gives a filmy impact on the user's mind.

2)AR & VR:

The main thing that comes to mind when thinking about virtual and augmented reality is "fascinating". Wide usage of AR & VR is easily adaptable now. Brands trend to implement this to their products. This is one of the major UI/UX trends in 2020.

It has brought a great perspective trend in the user's mind for many years. Nowadays it has been widely used for entertainment. But there is a huge variety of options to use this technology for marketing.

Implementing AR & VR technology provides users a real-world fresh image appearance. Mainly AR & VR are adopted in games,Guest Posting travel, eCommerce, education, etc.. 

3)Voice interaction:

For the past years, smart speakers have changed the digital experience. This gives a huge impact on your site. This voice-powered app gives fast and more feasible results for our query.

Voice interaction refers to text to speech technology like Siri the personal voice assistant of Apple, Bixby the Samsungs voice assistant, and Alexa the virtual assistant of amazon these help users to interact with the web through audio. and enhance the user experience.

One of the major advantages of using voice interaction is it eliminates the graphical user interface. and provide your site with a new communication method. 

4)Micro interaction:

The main purpose of micro-interaction is to satisfy the user by engaging them and increase customer retention. It's there on every website or app. Some people don't realize it as they use animated icons like Facebook. Facebook has a large number of micro-interactions like the send button. Most of the time you don't realize it because they are so natural and blended into the user interface. At the same time if you remove it can quickly identify something that is missing.

Usually, a small change in UI/UX gives a huge impact. Therefore micro-interaction gives a large impact on UX designs. Using this may increase your customer experience to a higher level.

5)Asymmetrical design:

The standard website design was symmetrical. It allows users to easily view and understand the information. But In 2020 the trend is the opposite. The huge growth in asymmetric layout in the digital platform. It's time when the asymmetrical layout is going to retain the sites. Without template and with the proper usage of this layout you can add more characters for your design

The asymmetric layout is a wide platform with endless opportunities and creativity. The development of asymmetric layout takes time; it needs long practice for implementing. While creating always satisfy users requirements it helps to retain more users

6)3D graphics in web & mobile UI:

3D graphics are not that new to mobile apps it's there in video games, movies, etc. Developing 3D graphics for web and mobile requires skills. 3D graphics have opened a wide range of opportunities for web developers to design and create amazing 3D graphics for your web and mobile UI.

Final words:

The UI/UX design platform see changes every year. However, the UI/UX design company in India should go with the trend if your product needs to be more user friendly and attractive. it important that every product needs a good UI/UX.

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