Top Tips for a Solopreneur: How to Market on Social Media

Oct 18


Michael Cage

Michael Cage

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Working as a solopreneur can be hugely challenging, and we explain here how you can master social media marketing to help your business grow faster.


Working as a solopreneur can be hugely challenging,Top Tips for a Solopreneur: How to Market on Social Media Articles particularly when it comes to finding time to market your goods or services properly.

Social media provides a cost-effective way to reach a massive audience, but managing different channels undoubtedly takes plenty of time and effort.

However, solopreneurs prepared to invest sufficient resources into social media are the ones who give themselves the best chance of succeeding in their chosen field.

With that in mind, we take a look at some of the best ways for solopreneurs to maximise the effectiveness of social media marketing.

Establish clearly defined goals

Before promoting your business on social media, it is imperative to lay down some clearly defined goals about what you want to achieve.

For some businesses, this may be increasing brand awareness, while others may be more interested in generating sales leads.

As many marketing experts including Ahmed Bilal have repeatedly emphasised, understanding your goals will help you focus on creating content that your audience wishes to engage with – a point we will expand on later.

Spend time researching what your most successful competitors are doing on social media to gain greater insights into the type of content that works.

Be selective with your social channels

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make, regardless of their size, is spreading themselves too thinly on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms offer a wealth of opportunities for solopreneurs to promote their goods or services.

However, they each need populating with appropriate and consistent content that resonates with your target audience.

It is much more advisable to run one successful media channel than do numerous ones badly. Be selective and you will reap the results.

Showcase your work on social

Regardless of which industry you operate in, the work you do each day is one of the easiest forms of content you can use on social media.

By demonstrating your particular expertise on social, you give existing customers an insight into your business and open the door for new clients to jump on board.

You can use the content as a way to build engagement by getting people talking around the subject matter you have posted.

Think of social media as a big shop window in a department store – it is a way of luring people into your business in the hope they will buy something.

Use scheduling tools

Managing social media effectively can be time-consuming, but there are tools you can use that will support your marketing efforts.

For instance, Hootsuite and Buffer are excellent ways to schedule and publish content across several different social media channels.

They allow you to post consistent messages, keeping your business in the public eye at different times each day.

When used alongside real-time social posts, scheduling tools are a great way to take your marketing activities to another level.

Set time aside for social

Working as a solopreneur often means that time is at a premium and you end up in a position where your daily work becomes all-consuming.

However, it is imperative to remember that social media is a marketing tool – the time you spend on there can be equally valuable if utilised effectively.

On that basis, set time aside during the week to dedicate yourself to social media. Use the analytical tools to determine when engagement is at its highest for the best results.

For many solopreneurs, social media is their primary way of staying connected with their customers. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of this.

Engage more, sell less

Engagement with your audience has been a common theme in the tips we have provided, but what does this mean for a solopreneur?

In simple terms, it means that you should largely use social as a place where you interact with clients, rather than consistently selling to them.

The clue is in the name – ‘social media’ – people use such platforms to engage with things they like. Be sociable with your content, and people will be happy to engage.

Conversely, if the bulk of your messaging is trying to sell goods or services to people, you will soon see your engagement levels drop through the floor.

Don’t be afraid to outsource

It is important to recognise that social media marketing is a skill – it’s undoubtedly not the same as sharing what you had for dinner on Instagram.

If you feel that you lack the skills to successfully manage social media on your own, do not be afraid to invest resources into using the services of an agency.

By outsourcing some or all of your social output, you will be taking advantage of the knowledge of professionals who are paid to succeed in this area.

Even a small financial outlay for part-time social media marketing by an agency can make a massive difference to a solopreneur’s annual turnover.