Whatsapp Marketing Campaign to Boost Your Company’s Sales

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E-commerce is a very flexible style of trading for the companies and businessmen. Combining the power of e-commerce with social networking applications can even enhance the sales of the company. In this article you will find how Whatsapp marketing campaign helps to boost company sales.

WhatsApp is such a social networking application that can be found installed on every smartphone and billions of people use it but for only non-productive purposes. Even the business persons use it for chatting with home members,Guest Posting and sometimes the employees, but nothing productive like the marketing and product campaign.

Turning WhatsApp as a marketer

WhatsApp can be turned to a marketer. Let us think it this way; the companies generally have the phone number of their customers. Upon their consent, a company can start to broadcast messages to convey users about their new products and new offers launched by them and much more. This is already in practice by a number of companies, often stated as WhatsApp Marketing Campaign.

If you have limited manpower and a non-technical staff, you can outsource it to another company that specifically offers such marketing campaign promotions for the exchange of a monetary sum.

How to find such a company?

Following are two methods by which you can find a marketing company for WhatsApp broadcast:

  • Online:  You can find a search engine that enables to find a website. Just launch the search engine and search for the term ‘marketing campaign companies in area,’ replacing word ‘area’ with the area you are operating in. The search engine will load the list of all companies that deal in your area. You can even hire the services of a remote company if not available in your region. Fill out the form, if provided, or call their customer care support for ordering their services.


  • Offline:  Such companies often tend to give out advertisements in newspapers or classified papers. Just grab any of the newspapers in which companies commonly publish such adve If you find such an advertisement, jot down the mobile phone or any other contact detail of the company and communicate your needs. They will provide you with all the details and pricing, which, if you find suitable, go to their store and pay for the services. They might ask for necessary details, such as the message, image, contact number, providing it will enhance your company’s consumer feedback network.

What do they broadcast?

Under the WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, the companies broadcast almost every type of message. This includes:

  • Text and image: This includes the promotional message supplied by you, to be sent to the consumers and a personalized or dedicated image that supports the text message.
  • Consumer help messages: Dedicated messages for frequently asked questions can be programmed. This acts as a text-call-centre.
  • Alerts: The companies can opt for WhatsApp alerts to their consumers.

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