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If you ever had a pet, you are likely aware that animals have their own ... they have likes and dislikes and feelings of ... and, at times anger. It often seems that they are trying v

If you ever had a pet,Guest Posting you are likely aware that animals have their own personalities, they have likes and dislikes and feelings of affection and, at times anger. It often seems that they are trying very hard to tell us things and trying let us know what it is they want. If we could just understand them. Which with just a bit of practice and understanding, we can.

All animals can be communicated with on a psychic level, in fact they always do! Every time you meet an animal, your subconscious mind lets them know how you feel about it, and in turn, they respond by sharing the same information about their thoughts and feelings with you. Every single time. The trick, then, is becoming aware of this communication and using it in a way that will create a bond of understanding between you and our animal friends.

To do this we need to understand how psychic communication with animals takes place, how animals think and react on a mental level and what to expect from your “conversations” with animals.

All psychic communication with animals takes place in the generally subconscious strata of your brain, for that matter, most psychic and intuitive processes do. Animals think like this all the time. This means that animals think in ideas rather than words. They simply “know” what they want or need. They “feel” their way through the world, rather than using reason and logic.

In a manner of speaking, every animal is psychic, as they live and exist in a manner that is completely intuitive in both the manner of thought and the parts of the brain used. They lack our higher brain functions however and our ability to learn to focus such abilities. Which explains how a dog may travel over a thousand miles to find his family, yet still not know that he is going to be hit by a car when he gets there. He just doesn’t understand what the information received means.

When trying to connect with an animal, it is important to remember that there won’t be any words or clear pictures coming from the them, at least most types of creatures, so all information that presents itself that way is your own interpretation of their thought, or, more likely, your own imagination filling in information. If you can resist the, very normal, urge to “put words in their mouths” you can get a lot of information from them.

By dealing with them on this level you can get very clear understanding of what they think and want. In turn you can, by clarifying your position, let them know what you think. They are animals though and will have a limited ability to understand abstract information, letters or numbers. This is alright though, because on the deep subconscious level you will have to reach to connect with them, you will have some trouble with those concepts too!

Communicating with an animal is not the same thing as seizing control of their minds and forcing them to do your bidding! They are still separate entities that have their own needs and wants. If you demand that they do things they don’t wish to, they will ignore, or perhaps, even resent you. If you try to scare them into behaving the way you desire, say with threats and intimidation, you may find immediate success, but they will come to fear you. The way to gain good behavior from an animal is the same one we always use. Offer them a reward for doing what you want.

For instance I can gain instant good behavior from my cat by offering her a dish of tuna. This includes such things as calling her from a distance, sitting on demand and standing up to “beg” for food. All I have to do is make good on my offer each time I make it.

For her part she tells me if she wishes to be petted, fed, have her litter box cleaned and be let in or out. Including at times attempts to call me from a distance. It may seem a little lackluster as far as communication goes, but she is a cat, so you can only ask for so much. (As I wrote this she walked into the room and glared at me for almost a minute.)

This same technique will work with any animal. I recommend that once you pick it up, you make an effort to connect with every animal you meet throughout your day. They tend to like it when you don’t confuse them with conflicting thoughts and strange ideas they don’t comprehend. These methods can help you do that.

*You will wish to quiet your mind as much as possible. When you reach a calm state, pay attention to any concepts, ideas, or feelings that cross your mind.

*Focus your attention on the animal you are addressing or listening to. This does not mean you have to stare at them. That is intimidating to most animals. Just think about them in a conceptual fashion, keep the idea of them in mind.

*After a few moments you will feel a connection grow between you. At this point you are in communication with them.

*They will present information to you freely. To send them a message, hold the idea you wish to present to them in mind for a few moments, until they respond to you, on a psychic level.

*Now that the channel is open, you can ask them to do things and respond to their needs far more accurately than you could otherwise.

This all happens in a matter of seconds and with only a small bit of practice you will find yourself open to this form of information all the time.

With this basic technique you can do much more than talk to animals, such as connect with plants and even humans. Animals are easier to understand in some ways, because they have a great clarity of thought on this level, that humans often lack, and a strength of presence rarely found in plants. Experimenting with this skill is fun and easy to do, once the basic method has been learned, so think outside of the box and try communicating with different things you encounter. You may be surprised at what answers you.

A psychic link to animals in general and to your pets in particular is highly rewarding. More importantly, these skills will allow you to understand any health or behavior issues that an animal is having, which gives you the chance to give them help, which they might otherwise have to go without.

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