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My name is Helen Lee. I am a ... Healer. I believe this is my life purpose, that my soul has chosen to ... in my life time. I feel that I'm being driven by forces that I have no control o

My name is Helen Lee. I am a Spiritual Healer. I believe this is my life purpose,Guest Posting that my soul has chosen to accomplish in my life time. I feel that I'm being driven by forces that I have no control over. It is as is there are unseen forces pushing me along. I feel that my fate is in the hands of deceased ancestors, and angelic forces that are helping to evolve me as a healer. These forces are connecting me with the people I need to know, and situations I need to be in. I have had mystical experiences in my life. I had an out of body experience. I was in bed watching television. When suddenly I was looking down at my body on the bed, and there was a spirit from the wasit up, was looking down at me. I became so frighten that I immediately went into my body. I have had premonitions. I have very vivid lucid dreams, and other pheomena's. I became aware that I was different that there were questions that needed to be answered so I sort out psychics. Thinking that they could answer the questions that were on my mind. A lot said you are gifted, or you can do as I do. There was a psychic who said that I have the gift to heal. Her name is Pat. I met her at a Psychic Fair. I did not know any of the psychics there, so I asked God to direct me to a psychic that would tell me what I needed to know. So God guided me to Pat. She said,"you have the gift to heal, but you will be able to do other things". In time I began to feel heat around me. A psychic told me to focus the heat into my hands. I began to do this and I began to feel the heat increase in my hands.

The notion to do hands on healing came to me, and I started to do healings on my family, and anyone who would let me. I did healings on and off for awhile not taking it serious. One day the psychic, who told me to focus the energy into my hands, refered me to one of her clients. Her client had multiple tumors in her head. She and her daughter came to my house for a healing. That evening I was extremely tired but I promise to do the healing. I did the healing and I never heard from them again. God works in mysterious ways. I was sound asleep one night, when I woke up out of my sleep. I turned on the television, and turn to the channel that this psychic [the one that referred the client to me] was on. She was giving a testimonial of a healing I did on the woman. She said my full name and said that the doctor told the woman that miraculously, some of her tumors were gone. Experiences as these help me to see that I do have the gift of healing and that unseen forces are at work around me. Here is another example; I went with my parents to visit a friend of theirs. This friend had two dogs she kept outside. My parents went inside and I decided to stay outside and sit in the car. I sat in the car with the door open, one of the dogs a small puppy I started to pet. I notice that he had a lump on his neck. I decided to do a healing on him. This animal knew what I was doing because he sat there not moving each time I did a healing on him. I did a couple of healings on him. When I was finish he no longer had the lump.

These a few of my healing experiences. If you would like to read more of my experiences. Read my web page. The address is
If you would like to contact me for any reason, my e-mail address is.

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Helen Lee
Helen Lee

My name is Helen Lee. I am a spiritual healer. I live in the Bronx, New York.
My e-mail address is
My web page addres is

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